December 30, 2008

Because I want to ,

" Foul whisperings are abroad. "
So woke up today at almost 9am. Showered and after everyone were ready, we were on our way to Genting Highlands. We stopped for a little while to eat Baskin Robbins. I wanted my favourite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough but that Baskin Robbins is not really umm, in well-conditioned. They dont even have daddy's favourite, Jamoca Almond Fudge. I mean like, hello ? I thought every BR has Jamoca. Its the most like-able flavour. Oh well, I ended up eating Maui Brownie, my third choice as my second, Chocolate Mousse Royale wasnt available there either. So I read my new book the whole time I was in the car. Arrived up there around 12. Soon as I got out from the car, I was practically frozen ! I didnt expect it to be ice cold. I had my black shorts on and I felt like a total dunderhead wearing it. Thank God I wore two pieces on top and long sleeved. Im pretty sure I wont be able to move if I was wearing short sleeved top. So then, mommy and Abang went to buy the tickets for us. And got ourselves inside the theme park. It was drizzling and that most certainly made the weather twice as cold. Maybe even thrice. So we went straight to the Pirate Ship but it was closed due to the bad weather. So we decided to ride other rides but they were all closed. We decided to go indoor and find a place to eat. When we were in the midst of searching for food, my eyes caught something else. A store with 5 big letters on top. MANGO. Ohh la la. Haha it was an outlet, not the boutique. So i forced daddy to go, and as I stepped inside, the prices really impressed me. A pair of blue flats just for RM49 ? A tshirt for RM19 ? a purse for RM49 ? Pair of very stylish skinny pants for RM65 ? Oh my eyes were practically popping out. As I was snatching all things I found nice and worth buying, mommy then had to ruin my excited-ness and said we'll come back later after the theme park as its hard to ride anything if we have so many bags in our hands. So i had to put the stuffs I picked earlier with a heavy heart. Sighh. So we continue our search for food. After like 8 restaurants, we still couldnt find a descent place to eat. Ended up eating at Marrybrown. I knoww right, I thought Marrybrown were extinct. Anywhooo, I was starved and ordered fish n chips. It was unexpectedly delicious. After eating, we went to theme park again hoping the rides will be open. And yes, they were. So we were having so much fun on the first right on Pirate Ship. To the Tobbagon, then to the Mine train, Cyclone etc. I must say, I like Mine train and Pirate ship the most and therefore rode them twice. But I didnt have the nerve to ride Space Shot, Corkscrew and the new spiderman thingy. Im a chicken, I knoww. I really dont understand how people can ride the really scary ones. I would be in a comma if I ride one of those. Lol. I had to borrow Abang's sweater to keep me warm. But that sweater wasnt much a help either. So i just have to stand the expected to be 15Celsius temperature. After blistering my foot, cramping my whole body, blotch-ing my nose and numb-ing my fingers, I urged daddy to go back. I was so freezing cold. We left Genting feeling exhausted but happy (: We went to Shah Alam to eat near daddy's office. When we arrived, we saw daddy's office bright with lights. It was almost 12am, who could be there ? Turned out to be one of daddy's worker there, working ? Noo, he was not. Sleeping ? Nope, not that either. Guess what ? Watching porno. Yes, a 40 something years old man, watching that. Okayy, gross. So anyway, daddy told us that he had been watching those stuffs for quite a while now. Daddy had blocked the Internet access to any porn websites but then he brought cds to the office. Truckloads of them. Whats wrong with him ? Addicted, much ? Ewww !
Oh and you know, as I was riding the Tobbagon, that ride requires only one person, so I had to go alone. And as that thing was moving so freaking fast, my hair got stucked. I panicked and quickly pull my head and managed to get free. I was relieved -___- Oh and we end up going back at almost 10pm. Meaning, NO MNG ! Shoot, shoot, shoot ! Ahhhh I really want those flats, that skinny, that purse, that everything ! ): But anyway, I still had fun riding all those rides and I had fun with my family (:
Sooo, daddy said he doesnt want me to go out tomorrow. But I've promised Zhr and I want to meet him. Im looking forward to see him. Sighh, lets just hope daddy will change his mind tomorrow. Hope so. As for now, my thighs are screaming, my back aches, and everything on my body hurts. Might as well get some rest now. Cheers (:

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