December 30, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

" Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, a medley of extemporanea ; and love is a thing that can never go wrong ; and I am Marie of Romania "
- Dorothy Parker
So today woke up at half an hour pass ten, showered and fell back asleep seeing how I slept at 6am after I went to an exhausting trip to Genting. Now Im having sores all over my body. How nice -__-
At around 1pm, Syakir fetched me at my house by his Wira with Zhr, Muaz and Yam. Went to Muaz's somekind of a 'spare house', I'd call it, in Court10. Syakir and Yam went somewhere else after dropping Zhr, Muaz and I. So, we went in, I watched Muaz and Zhr played taiti while waiting the others to come. Ohh wait, I forgot to tell you what were we doing there. Mind my short term, man -__- We were throwing a suprise birthday party for Thariq. Yeah, thats why we were there, waiting for several other people to come. After awhile, Apple and the others came. With Pizza Hut and KFC(s) in hands, we gathered up the food they brought on the table and we started to arrange it and stuffs. Done with that and we waited for the party to start which felt like decades ! The party that were said to be starting at 1.30pm ended up at almost 6pm. We were waiting for Thariq to come. He had to go to Shah Alam to settle some stuffs about his passport. While we, at the house were being completely crazy. We were so bored that we did some crazy stuffs. Some were playing Taiti, some were in the room, listening to the incredibly LOUD stereo, while some of us were out in the living room talking. I was with Zhr at the living room with a few others. The guys famished for food so a few of them stole a chicken from the KFC box and shared among them. They took the chicken in a room hoping Apple wont find out. Finally Thariq arrived and he was shocked. I guess. Its hard to tell with his expression-less face. Lol but he was so cute. And seeing he blew the candles and cut the cake in Apple's hands. Aww they're so sweet (: I went back with Rafique, I think thats his name. Haha.

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