December 27, 2008

One day, Saturday

I fell asleep while texting Zhr last night. Prove I was very tired. I woke up at 7am and received a really sweet text from Zhr. I managed to smile to myself before falling back asleep. Woke up half an hour to 11, and showered. Came online before breakfast but got fed up with the oh so stupid internet -__- After setting my laptop to standby mode, I dragged myself to the kitchen, took out the cereal box and ate a few pieces of honey stars straight from the box without fresh milk. Then, I didnt know what to do, so I went in mommy's room. As I entered the room, the first sentence that came out from daddy's mouth was 'you're getting fatter' Ahhh yes, the words I loathe so much coming out from anyone's mouth. I pretended I didnt hear him to ease myself. But ofcourse, daddy's in his funny mood and tried to annoy me by saying it again and again. Way to go, dad -__- I then shot him a look, and said, yeah I know. So ? Then he laughed at me ! Good God. Haha. Oh well, later I went back to my room, took my top off and stand in front of my bed room mirror for like an hour. I stand in every possible angles. Lol, could I be obsess ? Maybe, whatever. After hearing daddy's blissful words, I was determined to start dieting back. But then, mommy had to cook a very delicious looking meal, and I ate. Like usual, I regretted eating and drank a glass of lemonade without sugar hoping it will help me cleanse. And yes, it helps. Alot. Thankyou, lemonade ! Lol

Okayy, daddy just told me to get ready. Genting, here I come ! Okay I know its not Disneyland, but at least Im not bored at home, eat and sleep, hence increasing the size of my arse. Lol. Bye !

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