February 21, 2012

Stop Cyber Bullying!

In this century, Internet is everyone's best friend. Without Internet, we won't be able to get our work done, we can't learn how to bake a whole pavlova and chances are, you might not even stay in touch with your old friends without Internet. To me, Internet is fun and all but some people use Internet the wrong way. As a medium to bully others. Have you heard about cyber bully before?
Cyberbullying has subsequently been defined as "when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person" -Wikipedia

I don't know what makes people think that it's okay to be mean behind the computer and I'm still trying to figure out what do they get when they throw harsh words to people they probably don't even know. If you ask me, cyber bully is useless and totally pointless. Why do you want to lower another person's self-esteem by calling them things on the Internet? Sure, you might find someone's voice is really annoying and maybe you find someone writes bad English but that doesn't mean you have the rights to say anything mean to them. If someone's bad at something, can't you just give them advices the nice way like "I find you talk about the most interesting things but I think you can improve on your English more" instead of saying "your English is really bad" or "you suck". Two words can give a huge impact on a person's life, trust me. That was just an example anyway, it doesn't have anything to do with me or anyone that I know.

However, I've come across these cyber bullies myself before. Be it on my blog, my Youtube channel as well as my Formspring. When I first started to write on the Internet about my personal life (this blog), I had doubts on whether I should just go with it or stop before people start to comment on my grammar and stuff. I kept going though because I love writing and no one will know about my blog if I don't tell them about it. So I had my blog for a couple of years before I tell people that I write on the Internet. It was embarrassing at first but I got used to it, I guess. And I thought, I love writing and I should put that as my priority rather than what other people think of my grammar errors or my photos I put up. My first encounter with a cyber bully was on my Formspring. An anonymous attacked me saying things to me and I was so furious and sad at that time. I was crushed because I was really fragile and insecure. That was when I realized, not everyone will like you. When you enter a room, there must be at least one person who instantly judge you the second they lay their eyes on you. I have no explanation for this behavior because I myself am still clueless why people must be so envious and judgmental but I guess we all have to accept the fact that is just how the society works now. Either we stand strong or we break. Easy as that. I thought everyone hates me when several anonymous posted rude comments on my social media sites and I was about to give everything up. I almost deleted my Formspring, I almost give up on making videos and I almost deleted my blog. Yes, this very blog. But I was lucky enough that I have so many supporters in my life. First, my family always remind me to not take it seriously because they may have their reasons for doing that or else, they're just too lifeless. My boyfriend always tell me that I have a lot more supporters compared to the ones who left mean comments and all of my blog readers, yes you. You guys are really my sweethearts. Without you guys, I might have deleted this blog before. So thank you so much for all your supports! You guys mean a lot to me and I really appreciate to those who has been reaching out to me by emailing me and stuffs. I really really appreciate it because I swear, those kinds of support made me who I am today. I am stronger than I was before. I'd be lying if I say I don't get upset if there's a dislike on my videos on Youtube but I started to look at things on different perspective and keep my mind positive. After all, cyber bullies really made me stronger.

We have a lot of social medias nowadays and people created those websites so other people can share their opinions, share their interests, support each other and be friends with everyone, not to bash on people. Why can't we all be nice to one another for once? Why do we have to judge? Why do we have to be mean? Why do we have to condemn on people? Why? Have you ever asked yourself that? Why do you cyber bullies need to leave rude comments on people's website, Youtube videos or even Formspring? I've seen a lot of bullies out there, commenting on the beauty gurus and stuffs. I even wondered where did they get the nerve to comment on people like that. Their comments can be really really rude sometimes. And most of the times, people who have something bad or rude to say, are usually anonymous. Not all of them, just most of them. This only proves that cyber bullies are a bunch of cowards. They might be a shy and quite person in real life but when they are behind the computers, they tend to let out their anger towards people on the Internet. They suddenly become a really aggressive person behind the computers. Or maybe they are just a bunch of people who can't accept the fact that other people have the guts to start on something they don't have the talent to do or something like that. Seriously, I don't know why these cyber bullies are around but they are and I can't stop them. Internet is free to be used by anyone that has the connection but like I said, they misused it.

My inspirations on being strong are MacBarbie07 and meganheartsmakeup on Youtube. These girls have been bullied so many times and yet they keep doing what they do because they put their passion on top of their priority and I respect them for that. Someday I want to be as strong as them, without feeling a thing when I come across mean comments. InsyaAllah.

Honestly speaking, I've found a bunch of weird videos or blogs that don't interest me but the first thing I do is click the 'x' button to find my way out. It never crossed my mind to leave any mean comments on the things I don't like here on the Internet because I know that's mean and useless. So why can't all of us stop cyber bullying? Stop leaving comments that can make people be suicidal. Stop judging people like you don't own any flaws. Stop attacking people on the Internet just because you don't like it because there are people who do like what you don't. Stop commenting on others like you're better than them. Stop stalking a person if you don't like them, it's a waste of time, really. Basically, can we just stop cyber bullying? This world would be a better place to live in, don't you think?

Have you ever encountered on any cyber bullies yourself? Share your stories with me and together we can fight against all the cyber bullies! :)

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Nada Rahman said...

I have. I guess, you just have to know how to win an argument. I never let them win. Unless, what they are commenting about is too insignificant then I wouldn't even read it twice. once they told me "ckp org lain gemuk mcm la awak tu kurus sgt". Just bcus I used an idiom "like a fat girl in a candy store". So I said, memang kurus pun buta ke lol. Crickets make a lot of noise, u hear it but u can't see them . Then right when u walk by them, they're quiet.

Ayeen Kadir said...

What? benda yg kecik like tht pun they want to make it an issue? And from what I see in your blog, you ARE thin. Gosh, people nowadays tak boleh tgk org lain senang kot? Lol. And yea I totally agree with you about the crickets thing. I bet they won't even have the nerve to say those things in front of our faces! I guess we'll just have to stay strong and ignore them :)

ehsan shafiq said...

sebab selalu kena buli dengan i eh?

Ayeen Kadir said...

Eeeiii ada org stalk blog kita lah