April 27, 2011

You blog??

Everyone knows I've lived my whole life with only one best friend. Yes, only one. And if you're a reader of my blog, I think you might have guessed who it is. Fara, who else? I have plenty of friends but Fara is the one I talk to, the one I can turn to in whatever situation I'm in, the one I can count on, the one I know is behind my back to catch me when I fall... everything, really. I've known her since we were 9 and have been closed since then. Despite me being her best friend and she being mine, we don't really always go out together or talk on the phone for hours. No, we're not like that. It's a weird friendship, I realised but that's just how it works between is. No matter how long we have not met each other, we both know we still love each other and we would still be ourselves around each other. Awkward is never in our friendship dictionary.

I've always convinced her (more like forced her, actually) to blog. She has been my reader since I first started this blog and as much as I love writing, reading is also on top of my list. So as much as I enjoy typing away, I do want to read other blogs too. I know there are a lot of blogs out there but what could be better than reading my own best friend's blog? I kept on convincing her to start blogging but no such luck. So I gave up.

But two days ago, I found out that Fara has a blog!! I was excited because I thought she has taken up my advise but when I saw her archives, she had started that blog a long time ago and I just found it now? We've been best friends for 11 years and I wasn't the first one to see her blog?

So now I'm punishing her by convincing (forcing) her to update her blog since the last post was is 2010.
I can almost see the dust all over the blog!


Fara A. said...

Hey ayeen, please dont be mad at me.. i know we have been bestfriend since we were 11 and yet, i didnt tell you abt my blog. to be honest, takde sapa tau my blog. Even Nazrin & Razin too.
Yang kak amy ckp tu, it was a long time ago when i first Joined dafi fan club, which is i dh delete pon :)
This is the new one yg i buat after i broke up w ijal.

Sorrrrrry :'(

Ayeen Kadir said...

Heyyy! Don't be sad. Hahahah I'm so not mad. I was just being sarcastic la Fara. Haha no worries. But hey, UPDATE PLEASE so we can comment on each other's posts haha :p