April 24, 2011

One day trip to Kuantan (yet again)

Do you know what I like most about 3 hour car rides? Nothing.

Last Friday, my family and I went to Kuantan to fetch my brother from his boarding school as he's on holiday. Unlike other long hour car rides, this time I was pretty excited because my Dad agreed when I decided to bring Zahir along. That was our first 3 hour car ride together (please excuse my cheesiness) and I didn't sleep in the car at all for the first time! I'm the type that will get sleepy every time I'm in a car and not driving. I guess I was over excited because Zahir's coming with us and I get to see my little brother!! It's been months. Turned out I wasn't the only one, my sister was excited too. She even brought along her camera so we can take photos together in the car.

All we did in the car was eat. And eat and eat and eat and eat junks. I was too excited to care about the nutritions of the foods. So it was all Cheezels and Boost Chocolate bars. When we arrived at MRSM Pekan, we got more excited, especially Nina and I (duh!) because we couldn't wait to smother our little brother with kisses and hugs!!

Seeing him made me realise how my little brother has grown and he's not that little any more.
He almost has the same height as me and we're 7 years apart!! Sometimes I wish he'll never grow and stays in primary school.

Despite all the junks we ate, we still went for late lunch at McDonald's by the beach after fetching my little brother at his school. Poor boy, he craves for McDonald's when I can eat McDonald's everyday if I want to. We also had a chance to walk around the beach and the windy weather was perfect!

We headed back after lunch and that was when I started to feel a little bit sleepy. My sister, brother and Zahir were asleep, so I had to fight back the urge to sleep as Dad would be driving alone without anyone to talk to if I sleep too. I felt sorry for him because he had to drive all the way to Kuantan and back, without complaining even though his toe was (and still is) swollen. He did say it was painful but that was about it. I guess that's what fathers would do for his children. And that's why children love their fathers!!

I brought along my notes and books seeing my exams are coming near. I ended up putting them along with my brother's luggages. I was never the one with good determination anyway -____-

Top : Yadotsa
Sunglass : MNG
Earrings : I love bazaar

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