April 27, 2011

Mother's day contest from Fashion Valet

Fashion Valet is doing a contest for Mother's Day. They asked us to complete a sentence about our moms and I emailed my answer last night. I know it's going to be a really tough one because the prize is RM 500 cash voucher for us to shop for our Mom (really?? maybe I'll divide it into half :p) and of course, everyone wants RM500 from Fashion Valet, duh! But, if you're a reader of my blog, then you might as well like my answer. Right?? Well, if you want to. Hehe.

I didn't know what to answer at first because my mom is not the type who nags. When she's mad, she'll remain silent. She won't talk to anybody. But then I realised, she does nag when I buy more bags because she and I know how many bags I have in my room. She would say "it's such a waste of money" and a few minutes later, when we enter another store, she's the one who goes all excited to buy a new bag. For her. See? She wastes money on bags just as much as I do. But as you know, I still love her. And it means so much to me if I win this contest because well, because I love Fashion Valet and my mom does too. So I thought maybe I can buy something for her from Fashion Valet for Mother's Day this year. She'll be thrilled!!

It's so easy, just a few clicks and you're done! Firstly, you will have to like Fashion Valet's Facebook page. Next, you have to like my answer here.

And you're done!! Easy right?? Thank you to everyone who clicked on those links! :)

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