April 30, 2011

Exam fever

I don't know why this semester I've been such a lazy girl. I play around a lot, I online a lot, I shop a lot. I do everything a lot except for studying. I haven't been studying during my exam week either. All I did was online and eat junks and tidbits.

The first paper was a 40 objective questions paper which was good. I hope I did as good as I think I did. The second was Market Analysis paper, which was a 4 essay/calculation questions paper. I don't know what to say about this paper. Not because it was hard and it wasn't easy either. I just... don't know the word to describe the paper. I was having a terrible headache during the paper and that obviously didn't help. I walked out of the examination hall looking like a zombie. Everyone around me were talking about the paper and the questions while I just walked without knowing what to say or think. I just hope the result for that paper won't be that bad. My carry mark for that subject wasn't impressive at all, so let's just hope it won't affect my CGPA too much.

I have another 3 papers which I haven't even touch a single thing. Frankly, I'm worried but I can't even force myself to study. What's happening to me??

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