May 5, 2011

Real Estate

Sometimes I wonder how did I end up doing a major in Estate Management. As a child, I've always wanted to be a Fashion Designer or a singer. Eventually I threw the dream of being a singer out the window because I found out it takes a good voice to be a singer. So I knew I had no chance in that field. After my singer phase, I wanted to be a model. But then I found out it takes a super skinny body and long legs to be a model. Another dream flushed down the toilet. And then I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I went all out and bought sketch books and pencils at the age of 9 to draw Vera Wang inspired dresses. I ended up throwing the sketch book away because I can't draw. When I was in high school, I stopped dreaming. I thought maybe I should just go with the flow and work as whatever I'll turn out to be, with a side career of being a dance studio owner. Of all the careers I've dreamt of, only one stick to mind : Own a dance studio. When I was 16, I chose Accounts as my main stream. So I started back dreaming.

"Oh, of course I will be an Accountant! I can see it clearly now!"

I studied so hard for Accounts and scored an A for my SPM. I was so sure I will pursue Accountancy after that.

After my SPM, I applied for Universities all around Malaysia. But my first choice was of course, the top University in Malaysia, University of Malaya. I never thought I would be accepted, but I did! Alhamdulillah, I got in and did my Foundation there. But I didn't do Accountancy. I was doing Foundation and aimed for Architecture this time around. I know I said I can't draw but that was a decade ago. I went to Art classes in high school and I scored an A for my Arts too in SPM. So, Architecture is definitely what I'm going to do in my future. Despite having to struggle for Physics, Chemistry and Calculus in my Foundation year, I was still determined. I hate those subjects and those subjects were the ones that pulled me away from my Architecture dreams.

Instead of getting into Architecture, I got in Estate Management for my Degree. I didn't know what Estate Management is until Dad explained to me it's about properties and real estates. I was okay with it since Donald Trump made his first million through real estate. So yes, I guess this is what I'm doing in the future (for now!). Some of the subjects are hard for me because I was never good at calculations, so Investment, Analysis or whatever that has to do with calculations are just not my cup of tea. But I do enjoy this major and I even have such nice course mates! I'm glad I was placed in this course because I turned out to like it more.

But I do get annoyed when people ask me what I'm doing or what course I'm majoring in.

People : What course are you taking?

Me : Estate Management.

People : Estate Management? Oh so you're doing estates? What kind of work is there to do in estates?

*rolls eyes*

Estate Management does not mean estates as in those rubber estates. I didn't mind actually but when everyone asks the same thing every time I said Estate Management, it's getting annoying. So now I always say I'm doing Real Estate or Property Management. Easier, no further questions, just a simple "oh, good."

From wanting to be a singer, to a model, to a fashion designer, to Accountant, to Architect and now..

I'm the next Ivanka Trump.

I hope!


Anna said...

Wow! The next Ivanka Trump! Can I work with u then? He3 ;P

About your comment on my post, the lecturer is Mr. Zulkifli. DX

Ayeen Kadir said...

Haha, who knows, we both will be like Ivanka Trump in the future :p

Oh, Mr. Zulkifli? Well, we all know how he is. Likes to babble a lot. Haha And I don't know how are we going to cope with him next semester!

Anna said...

That'll be great! Malaysia would be proud of TWO Ivanka Trump. xDD

Same here. T.T How, in the world, are we going to cope....

All the same, good luck k!