January 20, 2012

California Update : Day 7

Drove to San Diego on Day 7, to go to Sea World. Typing this down makes me miss it so much. I love Sea World!! So much. At first I thought it was going to be boring because 'Sea World' sounds like a place where they keep a lot of fish inside a massive tank. Haha but it turned out great! We spent our time there since morning till dark, we didn't even want to go home but since it closes at 6pm, we didn't really have a choice.

First before we entered, we bought our city passes as it's so much easier. When we entered the Sea World, the first thing we saw was this :

I almost died because of its cuteness!!! Look how it stands!! Gahhhhh

So after gushing over that cute sea lion, we rushed to a stadium where they show sea lions perform. After seeing that thing in the photo above, of course I want to see them perform! We settled with seats that were not in the 'soak zone' because I love my new Charlotte Russe jacket too much and didn't want to ruin it. Hehe. The performance was awesome, no kid. Seriously, I'm not saying this because I need to say that but really, frankly speaking, it amazed me how those sea lions can be so smart! And they even have names!! Sea more and Clyde, how cute is that?

Me with the performer for the Sea Lion show, Biff.

After all the excitement at the show, we went in the Shark exhibition. I hate sharks because they're so scary but it was exciting to see all the species of sharks.

Then, we queued up for the Polar Express 4D Experience. We were so excited to get in but it turned out to be so boring to the extend that my Dad fell asleep, complete with his signature snore! A prove it was so boring!

We did a little cam whore session while waiting for the queue.

We rushed to another stadium to see the Dolphins. But this time, we sat at the 'soak zone' because we thought it might be fun to get wet. I just go an idea to keep my new jacket safely in my brother's back pack, so it won't get wet.

Over all, the show was such a beautiful one, but not really that amazing. Sure, the dolphins were cute but I didn't really get the whole story. Compared to the sea lions show, this show was kind of a blurry to me. What amazed me was how smart the dolphins were and that was it. We didn't even get soaked because the water didn't reach us even though we were in the 'soak zone'.

We were hungry when we got out from the Dolphins show and searched for a food stall somewhere near that we can eat, in terms of halal, that is. We found a stall that sells Nachos, so we ordered a couple of plates to share among us 6. We ate while waiting for the next big show, Shamu's Christmas.

I didn't know what it was but I just went with is since my brother said that show was the best one there at Sea World. I couldn't wait for it and was practically jumping and hopping when we searched for seats at the stadium. The stadium was so much bigger than the ones before, I guess because this one is the last show of the day and it's the best one among all shows.

The stadium before it filled up with people.

This time, I insisted to get the seats right in front, in the 'soak zone' because it was the last show for that day, so I didn't really mind getting wet. While waiting for the show to start, I was freezing because it was 5 in the evening and it started to get dark and the temperature dropped like, drastically! I regretted seating there in the first place but when the show started, I forgot about the temperature, how freezing cold it was and how I wasn't wearing any jacket, just my thin layer top and that was it. I was literally shaking but I didn't care. It was the best show I've ever seen in my life, I swear!

Oh and we didn't get soaked there as well -__-
But I guess I should be thankful because if I were to get soaked, I'd be frozen right then and there!

After that, we had to go back since Sea World was closing. But before we went out of Sea World, we came across a Shamu's store. Of course, we wanted to go!! It was jam packed in the store but we managed to push ourselves through the throngs of people. My brother, sister and I bought a Shamu soft toys each, mine has a santa hat on its head because it was Christmas. I'm not really a fan of plush toys but that Shamu was so cute, I couldn't resist.

After purchasing those, we went out from Sea World happily and satisfied with our brand new Shamu(s)!

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