January 20, 2012

HAPPY NEWS : I'm done with my 3rd Semester Examination!!

Hey guys! How are you guys doing?? I miss all of you, which doesn't make sense since I've never met more than half of my blog readers but I really miss you! I miss blogging and pouring my heart out and I don't blame anyone or anything *cough*exam*cough* for this. Anyway, I'm going to continue with my California updates soon. For now, I'll give a brief of how my papers were.


Honestly, I didn't prepare for this paper because I thought it was going to be easy peasy since it's 40 objective questions. "Study for TITAS? What for? Hahahah", my brain said. I did went through the slides and notes once or twice and that was it. When the day came, I was like, WHY DIDN'T I STUDY FOR THIS?! So… I think you can already guess how this paper turned out to be in the end. I just hope I won't fail it because I would hate it if I have to re-take this paper because it's so boring and requires me to memorize weird names.


This is probably my most feared paper out of all 5. Mainly because this is the only subject that requires calculations and I'm definitely bad at calculations. I've always hated numbers besides the ones in Accounting. Other than that, I just loathe them to the core. I'e always wanted to know why numbers were invented (besides to torture me, that is). I was nervous to the extend that I couldn't sleep the night before. I'm not good in this subject and it carries 5 credit hours. Tell me how can I not be nervous?

Also, we had to answer 3 questions out of 4, one of them being compulsory. We were given 3 answer booklets, one question for each booklet. I was too smart to read the instructions on the paper that I answered all 3 questions in one booklet! I didn't realize I did a mistake until the lecturer came up to me to collect the answer booklets when the time was up. "You answered in one booklet? Try and read the instruction on the cover of the question paper," she said. I read and was like, oh…my….God. I panicked but could't do anything about it because the lecturer had collected my answers and was moving on to the other students. I had no choice but to brave myself and went up to her when we were dismissed from the examination hall. I asked her whether I would lose some marks for what I did. And she just looked at me with a blank face and said, "You think?". So I apologized and said I didn't know and it was a careless mistake, she said that she wasn't that cruel to reduce my marks just because of that. I sigh a HUGE sigh of relief. I mean, I'm no good at this subject and I can't afford to lose any more marks because of my carelessness. So yeah, this paper was such a pain in the neck but it's really important for me and I should really learn to embrace it!


"Hey, it's Economics. Nothing to worry about, I've been doing Economics since I was 16. Not a problem". That was what I thought. Obviously, I was wrong. I didn't notice how in depth this Economics is than last semester. This subject requires me to memorize all the theories of urban growths and things that I don't have a care about in the world. If a place is urbanized, than it's urbanized. I don't get why people would want to create a whole theory about it. It's just pointless. Well to me, at least. For the paper, we were asked to answer 3 out of 4 and we had 2 hours. I had a lot to put on that paper and had to rush writing since we only had a couple of hours. My right hand wanted to die on me by the time I finished this paper.


At the beginning of the semester, I loved this subject. Mainly because it's easier than other subjects. But then it became harder. It got the hardest when we were taught the mechanical drawings of a building. All I could think of was, how is this helping me to get a job in the future?I'm in a Real Estate course, not an Engineer or nor was I in Building Surveying. Don't get me wrong, I love sketching and arts and all but not Mechanical Drawings. It was so dreadful to memorize every little bits of a drainage system and electrical supply. I almost cry reading over a hundred slides of mechanical drawings. And to know not even one of what I memorized came out for the paper. Only one sketch question and it had to be the one that I didn't study the night before. Life's so great huh?


Law. My most favorite subject since my Foundation years. But I learnt the Introduction to Law, so to learn about the breach of contract and the cases, that was interesting. But this? Land Law? I don't know whether I did well or not but I hope all those pages I filled in with my answers will get me at least some marks. I still love Law, but I just don't have the confidence that my answers were right.

Seems like every single paper was tough for me. I don't have the confident for any papers this semester. That sucks and all but I'm really glad I'm done with my examination week. I have gained weight and pimples are popping out on my face during those 2 weeks of studying and stressing. Seriously, my face is like a zit garden right now. That sounds so gross but I'm not kidding. I hope they'll be gone soon.

Alright, I guess that sums up my examination week and I will go on with beauty, fashion or personal posts soon! Love you guys! xx


Anna said...

Ayeen~ I feel the same too! Hoping for just a past without any repeats, don't want to waste any extra semester in UM.Hahaha...

Anyway, enjoy holidays. Let the worry come later okay.

Happy holidays! :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hehe yea same here. Let's enjoy the holidays first! Happy holidays to you too, Jue! :)