January 9, 2012

Final Exams

This is going to be a really short one. To those who's following my Twitter, you might know that I'm on my exam week right now. So that's why my blog is getting pretty dusty. I just want to explain to my loyal readers that I'm not abandoning my blog and not slacking purposely. I don't have the time to actually sit at one place and blog like I always do. Because when I blog, I really need to sit down alone and pour my heart out genuinely. And with the little time I have, I can't do that. So please bare with me and I promise I'll update you guys soon! Especially on my California updates, I won't stop halfway, no worries. Hehe. I promise I'll continue with my California updates and other updates too when I'm done with my final exams which is on January 18th.

I know I've been tweeting a lot and that doesn't mean I wasn't studying. Because I always tweet using my cellphone, so that explains the huge amount of tweets I tweet everyday, because my cellphone is with me 24/7. I hope you guys understand and I'm really really sorry.

Again, I'm not slacking, I promise! So I'll talk to you guys after I'm done with my exams. xx

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