January 4, 2012

California Update : Day 5 & 6

I'm combining these 2 days together in a post because we didn't do much on these days so I don't really have a lot to update you guys on Day 5 and 6. Basically, we arrived in LA from San Francisco at midnight and we stopped by the 24 hour Walmart to get some stuffs. I went a little crazy over the beauty section (oops!) and bought a few of the drugstore cosmetics and hair products. Around 4 in the morning we went back to my brother's house. Yes, we actually went to a grocery mart until 4 in the morning because we're just a bunch of shopaholics like that. Okay, no. Actually I was the one who couldn't get enough of the Beauty section so they had to wait for me to choose which heat tamer spray is better and which mascara gives more volume to your lashes. But anyway, we arrived at my brother's house and obviously, his housemates were sleeping. Tip-toed, we all had to keep quiet as to not wake them up. It was super hard for us because my family is a noisy bunch. Especially my sister and I. So keeping our mouths shut was really hard!

After settling down at the house, Mom, my sister and I went down to the laundry room to get all our clothes cleaned and dried. We planned to not sleep, so we can go out to Tj Maxx to shop but since the guys were sleeping so soundly, we decided we were going to sleep for a couple of hours. And that couple of hours turned out to be a full 8 hours sleep. We all woke up at around 4 in the evening and got ready and packed our stuffs to go to our hotel in Orange County. Now, what you have to know is that, Orange County is like, my dream city to go to. Only because I've been addicted with The OC since I was 11 and to finally step on Orange County's sidewalks.. the feeling was just priceless. It was winter (still is) over there in California and that means, it's going to get dark at 4 PM, which means by the time we arrived to check in the hotel, it was getting really dark outside. We decided to go out and find somewhere nice to eat. My brother mentioned this really cool place, The Boiling Crab. I didn't know what to expect but I just went with it. He drove us to one of the Boiling Crab somewhere around Orange County, I guess. When we got there, there were all these people outside the restaurant. My brother told us that it's normal, Boiling Crab usually have a lot of people waiting to get seats for dinner. We wanted to find somewhere else to eat because we were so hungry, well, actually, I was hungry to the maximum that I think I might die of hunger. But my brother kept on telling us that it was worth the wait. I finally gave in because when it comes to food, my brother knows what he's talking about. He has the best taste in foods, mainly because our tastes in foods are the same. Hehe. I sucked it in, pretending that it didn't matter how my tummy was calling after my name to feed it. We had to wait 45 minutes for our turn to get a table and that was when a light bulb flashed on top of my brilliant head. The only thing that can keep me from being hungry is to go shopping. Window shopping helps too, sometimes. So while my Dad and my brother waited in the car, I dragged my other siblings and my Mom to go to a Target located right across the Boiling Crab. How genius can I be, right?

As I stepped in Target, I straight away attacked the Beauty aisle. But of course! I took a shopping basket and started to fill it with make ups and hair supplies. They sell the cheapest things!!! I can go crazy in there! Apparently, before I could get extremely crazy, some crazier Asian guy came up to me and started to make small talk. It was kind of funny actually when I think back about it but I was really terrified at that time, you have no idea! But he went away when I refused to give him my cellphone number. Pheww!

After picking up a few stuffs, my brother called my Mom and said the table was ready for us. So after paying we went back to the Boiling Crab and I was so excited to see how they served their food! When I first walked in, I was kind of weirded out by the fact that all the tables have plastic bags on their tables, full with foods. And their food was like, spread out on the table without any plates or anything. Then I realized, that was the concept of the restaurant. They serve their food (seafood) in clear plastic bags and you'll have to dig in with your hands and you'r going to just eat your food straight from your table. Of course, they lay a thick clean paper on the table so you won't have to worry about your food getting dirty.

Because of the messiness, we had to wear bibs! Also, the messiness just excite me even more!

I had so much shrimps that night. Seriously, I've never had that much shrimps in my whole entire life. I ate like, 7 big shrimps and I was so full. I slept happily that night with a full stomach :)

I was pretty excited for Day 6 because my brother had our whole agenda planned out ahead of us. Day 6 was supposed to be the shopping day and that was why I was so excited! I woke up earlier than my family just because I wanted to get ready for the day. Shopping and I, we went way back. We're inseparable since I first know the definition of shopping and the satisfying feeling it gives me.

My brother drove us to Citadel Outlet and my heart raced by the time we were in the parking lot. My eyes were looking all around to scan all the stores. When we found a parking bay and stepped out of the car, I literally hopped over to the stores. I was about to give up though when I didn't see any Forever 21, Kate Spade or Victoria's Secret. However, my eyes sparkled when I saw Juicy Couture. If you know me well, you'd know how obsessed I am with Juicy Couture. Juicy is my most favorite store of all time, not even Forever 21 or Kate Spade can top off Juicy Couture. Yes, I love Juicy that much. Without wasting anymore time, I practically ran over to Juicy Couture without thinking whether my family was following behind me or not. I just didn't have the care in the world every time I see anything Juicy. Once I was in the store, I went a little crazy. There were so much stuffs that I couldn't decide where to look first! My Dad said he should have taken a video of me in the store, because I was really excited. I was jumping up and down and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets! Hehe.

After spending hours in Juicy Couture, I calmed down a little and went around the outlets some more. There were a lot of other stores and I went to H&M, Pacsun, Michael Kors, Vans (to buy Zahir's stuffs) and oh my god. I went crazy as well in one of the store. It was Charlotte Russe. Seriously, I felt like rolling myself onto their amazing clothes and accessories and never leave! To top that off, they were super cheap too! 3 pieces of accessories cost only 10 dollars. How. could. I. not. go. crazy. You tell me. Imagine Forever 21, times by a hundred and you get Charlotte Russe!

If it wasn't for the dark sky, I wouldn't have realized it was getting late. And it wasn't until I sat in the car that I realized that I was actually so hungry. We wanted to eat out but then we all missed Mom's cooks. Seeing how our hotel room had a kitchen, we went to Win Co. to buy groceries! I love groceries over there in the US. They sell the best foods! Mom cooked Fried Noodle that night and we were so hungry that the noodle was gone in a few minutes. I guess we were all so tired from the walks we did earlier.

I went to bed so happy that night because I got to shop. I don't know why but shopping always makes me happy. It gives me this really satisfying feeling. Even if it's grocery shopping or shopping for someone else. I still love it anyway.

Basically I just love the word shop. Uh-oh. My shopaholic disease is here! No wonder Mom bought this for me. Hehe!

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