December 26, 2008

I befriended Chocolate

At 2 something pm, Nina, mommy and I arrived at Wangsa Maju. Met up with my aunt and went straight to the Spa. Euro Sense, the name. Once I stepped in the spa, I was like, omygoshh. I was pretty convinced I was in heaven for almost 4hours. Lol. After keeping our bags in the locker, Nina and I were escorted by two Chinese ladies upstairs. While mommy and my aunt were kept downstairs. The fourth floor was even better. With the decorations and stuffs. I feel so relaxed just by inhaling the smell of herbs and nature. Nina and I were asked to change into the towels on the beds. As soon as we changed, we lied down and the ladies started to put scrub product on our bodies. It smelled alot like chocolate and I felt like eating it. Goshh. So after scrubbing our bodies, it was time for the body wrap. We were poured in a tasty banana-smelled liquid and I felt my stomach screaming. I was suddenly starved as soon as I breathed in the banana smell. We were wrapped in some kind of a plastic and were heated. Sounds like we're ingredients to bake a banana cake. Lol. But yes, its true. They put a heater to heat our bodies under the beds we were lying on. It sure was hot. I was sweating for 15minutes and finally the ladies came back and asked us to go rinse ourselves. Then finally, manicure. The moment I've been waiting for ! Haha we went downstairs and were served chinese tea. I asked the lady to do a french manicure for me. The result ? Ohh la la ! Haha i love it :)

After spa, we went to Aeon mall, ate at a restaurant called Sakura something. I forgot -__- I had a plate of Bangkok fried rice which was okayy. Not the oh-so-delicious-my-saliva-is-running-down-my-mouth kind of delicious. Just okay. And I ordered Chocolate ice blended which was soooo yummy but I regret having it because it was so creamy and fattening. But I finished it all anyway. Despite the guilty feeling I was having for consuming too much of fats, guess what ? Dessert ! Ahhhh, the famous delicious but so fattening dessert, ICE CREAM ! Yes. I ate bread pudding ice cream. It was YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY but as soon as I ate the last piece of the pudding, ice cream and whipped cream on top, I felt like killing myself. Seriously, why do I have to ruin my diet ? Shoot me in the head, somebody. Better yet, shoot me in the throat so that way maybe I could throw up all the things I've ate earlier ? Yeahh right, Ayeen. Not funny -__- So anyways, we were walking and met this celebrity. Nubhan from Akademi Fantasia ? Okayy you guys are probably thinking, what the hell ? I knowwwwwww, right. I didnt know him but seeing him made me want to know him. Haha get what I mean ? Okay for all you slow people, I think he's hot. He's skinny and tall. And that hair ! but he was smoking with hs friends. What a turn off, I know. Im not the one who's into him though. Yeah, I think he has the looks but nahh. Zahir is always the greatest. Aww, Im so sweet, arent I ? Haha. Anyways, Nina was the one who swooned. She was like, awww look at him, he's so hot he's so hot he's so hot ! Hahaha typical Nina. We then walked in the mall and my aunt said she wanted to buy the nail buffer at a Korean shop called Tsuya Tsuya. We went there and the two promoters are soooo adorable. A couple of so talkative chinese girls. So cute. Abang just sat there and smiled, then he whispered, they're so cute. Lol. Turned out that we bought several other manicure stuffs instead of just the buffer. And of course I was the one who persuaded daddy to buy all those stuffs for me. I managed to get a nail file, two bottles of cuticles relaxer, nail buffer and a nail pusher. Haha poor daddy :) Mommy then decided to get a manicure too. So we waited for couple of hours there. After that, I went to a Hotlink store nearby to topup. I asked for a Rm10. I punched in my number and guess what ? I didnt even get the 10dollar credit. A bunch of shitheads decided to cheat me. Ugh. Now Im running out od credit to text Zhr. I hate you, liar. Sighh. Went to Awish's place. I was really scared to see the houses that were 'eaten' by the landslide. Goshh it was really scary. I kept quiet the whole journey. When the clock hits 10pm, we went back without Ipan. He's sleeping over there. After several minutes in the car, my aunt called. At first I thought I've forgotten to take my things at her place but then Awish's voice was calling me at the end of the other phone. He asked me to sleepover at his house. Aww so cute ! But I cant, I didnt bring my toiletries and lingerie. So I had to refused :( I got home and was too lazy to shower. So I washed up and changed into my pj's. Ohh what a day huh :)

Im exhausted and very sleepy. So goodnight sweeties :)

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