December 26, 2008

Our Deepest Darkest Secret ,

So, yesterday daddy decided to take us all out. We went to our usual mamak restaurant to eat. Then we didnt know where to go. So daddy just drove us to god knows where. In the end, we ended up at bb. Nina insisted daddy to go Sg. Wang which I dont understand. I mean, man, I hate that place. I hate bb to for that matter. Its jam packed with people. And yesterday wasnt any different. We were stuck in front of Times Square for like, what ? An hour or so ? Ugh. So we just walked there. I know, wasting time eh ? Haha so Abang called me later on asking where were we and are we coming to Pyramid. We promised to meet him up at Pyramid where he works. And I told him we're on our way. Yeah right. Haha. I urged daddy to leave KL, pronto.

Daddy wanted to buy something for his Macbook at Machines in Sunway. So we left Dad there and Mom asked me to accompany her to go to the cinema to buy tickets for Yes Man. AGAIN ! Haha. Unfortunately, the show started at 920pm and it was 945pm by the time I got there with Mom. Abang wanted to watch with us so we have to watch after 10, after he finish his work. Daddy said we should go to Summit to see if the tickets for the 1040pm show were still available. So we rushed to Summit but couldnt really get there earlier because of the traffic. It was 10 and obviously, everyone decided to go back home the same time we did when we were rushing -__- Arrived at 1025pm, bought the tickets and waited for Abang to arrive. My third time watching Yes Man. Lol. I love Jim Carrey. And Zooey too. I keep thinking why is she so pretty with that hairstyle but I was completely the opposite with the same hairstyle ? Lol. Whatever. So, movie ended at around 1230am. Got back and texted Zhr. He called at 3something in the morning and we just talked an laughed alot. I just love how he calls me in the middle of the night. You know, I think thats really cute and sweet :) And when we were both out of words to say, he'll say those words that will put a smile on my face throughout our conversation. So after we hung up, I slept straight away. It was almost 5am and I was tired.

Woke up today by the sound of my cellphone. Text message. Ohh, stupid maxis decided to interrupt my beauty sleep at 9 in the morning. Nicee. I deleted the unnecessary text from Maxis and went to back to sleep. As I was about to close my eyes, text message again. I decided to just let it be because that will probably be Maxis again. I received another 7texts and the sound just cant make me sleep. So I decided to delete all the texts from, YES, MAXIS -__- with my eyes closed. Lol. Then I fell back asleep. About half an hour later, mommy came and knocked on my door asking me to get up and get ready. We're going to Wangsa Maju today to the Spa with my aunt that I've been excited for since before SPM started ? Haha. I got up, showered and blow dried my hair. Oh how nice, bad hair day today. Sigh. Im now still in my robe. Have. To. Get. Ready. Now. Or mommy will go ballistic. Oh, I sounded a little English there, no ? Haha

Toodles !

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