January 8, 2009


Employed ? Nahh not yet. So I guess I should start form Tuesday where Zhr and I went to Pyramid to hunt for jobs. I applied at several stores. Calvin Klein, La Senza, Esprit, Polo and several others. We thought we could stall some time to watch Four Christmases at the cinema. While I was in the cinema, CK called and told me I got it ! Well well, don't get too excited, my friend. Not the job, you silly. I got an interview with the HR Thursday. Which was today. It was nerve-wrecking ! They called and asked me to be there before 3pm. I arrived there at 2.30pm with Mom and my little brother for support. When I talked to the guy behind the counter that I was there for the interview, he said I'll have to wait for the HR to call me. I was really nervous that I was shivering literally. So anyway, we went around Pyramid, hunting for a birthday present for little Awisy who's turning 3 this 20th (: But we found nothing and finally CK called and said the HR was there. So I rushed there and I met the HR. A Chinese tall woman wearing purple, with purple eye shadow with a frown on her face. Okaaayy I was really scared that I was not only shivering but my knees went jell-o. She asked me to sit on the bench in front of CK and she started with her questions. She did smile a few times which was a relief. Guess what, the interview started off kind of awkward but eventually I relaxed a little and just be myself. It went pretty well. She said she's going to call me later on but its already 11 something and I haven't receive any calls from her. Ohhh well. She will probably call tomorrow ? Or maybe I screwed up. Sighh.

Went back and changed my clothes. Went straight to face my computer and watch OC. I watched OC Season 2 marathon on V Channel the other day and somehow I felt like its been ages since I last watch it. So the next thing I know I've been spending all day sitting in front of my computer watching OC from the early season till the last one on dvd for the 9781362930000 times. Yeah. I've never got sick of it. So anyway, I was watching OC for half an hour before I got tired and sleepy. I off the computer and went to the kitchen to wish my family good night and saw Nina was eating. And I couldn't resist. So I ate. I've been eating a lot nowadays. I don't know why. And for the record, I ate a lot when I went out with Zhr the other day. Nasi lemak sambal sotong for lunch. Sushi King at 7pm. Fried maggi, fried rice and cheese naan at midnight. Wow thats a lot. Like really. Sigh -___-

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