January 9, 2009


Yeah, I officially got the job when Calvin Klein's HR, Samantha called me at 10am in the morning and asked me whether I can start Sunday. After saying yes, she said I have to be there on Sunday at 9.30, sharp as nails as she is the one who's serious about punctuality. Well, as nervous as I was talking to Samantha, I'm also really excited to start working. Yes, it probably mean I can't spend that much time with Zhr any more since I only can have one off day. And that one day, I would have to settle up my driving courses. Shoot. I totally forgot about the driving lesson I have to attend! So, I have to figure out something here, obvie. I hope they don't clash, somehow. So anyway, I text-ed Mom and Zhr as soon as I got off the phone with Samantha to tell them the good news!! Well, I did a lot of chores today, sweating myself up like a pig.

I watched I do (but) I dont on Hallmark just now. Denise Richards was amazing. I've been a fan since watching her reality show, Its Complicated, she looks good even she gained some extra pounds. She still is pretty.

I think Im gonna take a nap. Im tired. Arriderverci ! (:

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