January 6, 2009

I dont miss school, not yet

Abang and I had to go send Nina off to school. The first day of school and I have never been so satisfied in my life. This feeling I have inside me when I stepped in that school, its indescribable. I love it ! Seeing all those little kids standing inside school wearing that pathetic white and blue uniforms. I was happy to leave but I feel somewhat, old ? Haha who cares ? As long as I dont have to wake up early in the morning, face the dramas at school and face the books. So anyway, I went to the bookshop to take the booklist for my sister. Then went to the canteen with Abang. Had a cup of strawberry dadih. Yes, I hate to admit, though I dont miss school, I sure miss the food there. Their fried rice is the best ! After eating, I went to meet up with my several favourite teachers to say hey and went to Nina's class. After settling some stuffs, Abang and I went to the primary school. Fetched my little brother and went back home. Window shopped online. Found nothing interesting. Wait, I did found something I reallllly want. Like I want it soooooo badly but its waayyy to pricey because its designer's. Marc Jacobs is seriously the most brilliant human being ever. His designs are all sooo, like, wow ! But why do they cost thousands ? Sighh. I found alot of things I want from Marc Jacobs but a bag realllllyyy caught my eyes. Its from Chloe. Ohmyy.

I asked mommy if I can go hunt for jobs and she said yes. She said why dont you just go tomorrow ? And I was like, yeahh why not ? So yeah, asked Zhr to come with me. Thought about getting any job at Parade but then mommy said she wants me to work at Pyramid. So yeahh, anywhere will do for me (:


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