January 5, 2009

Miniature Mistakes,

Went to Taipan at almost 10pm with Abang and Ipan. Abang wanted to returned the iPhone he repaired to his friend. So, arrived at Taipan, went to Korean BBQ Restaurant, sat, talked, drank and yadda yadda yadda. Went down, to McDonalds. Had Cornetto Chocolate McFlurry. Extraa. oh yeah :D I was eating my very last spoon of my ice cream, and you know how the last bite is soooo crucial. I always think the very last bite is always the best bite and tastes a whole lot better. So everytime I eat something, I wont give the last bit to people. So if Im eating anything, and you want a bite of it, dont try to ask me when Im enjoying the last bite, because I wont give you. Well, except the ones I really love, that is (: So like, I ate the last spoon and I felt something cold and thin in my mouth. I thought it was ice and so I tried chewing and kind of sucked it. And it didnt melt. At that point I know that its not really ice. I prayed for it not to be a disgusting thing before cupped my hand over my mouth and spitting that unknown thing. Turned out to be a 5cents coin. I quickly got it out my mouth and like, ewwwwww ! So,Abang, Ipan, Aqilah, May and Coco were disgusted. Coco then took the McFlurry cup from my hand and asked me to put the coin back inside and he reported it to the manager. Andddd, we got ourselves another cup of the same icecream. Oh Coco is so cool. Haha he is Nepalian. And he has the looks, just not my type though. He has the gym kind of body. You know, broad and muscular. Oh and he's the manager at the Korean BBQ restaurant. And he's nice. May is sooo tall, she's chinese muslim. Aqilah is soo cute. She talks alot and likes stuffs I like. We totally bonded and the way she talks. I just like her straight away. She reads book I read. Oh and she showed me a photo of her bestfriend, Shasha in her phone. Shasha looks alot like Sha. Goshh yeah that Aisyah Farina. They have the same hair and they even posed alike. Whoaa so I told Aqilah about how this girl I know looks like her Shasha and her name's Sha too. Lol. Aqilah then asked me something which kind of hard for me to answer. 'So Ayeen, whats bitchy and whore-y for you ? I mean how do you see a girl whose bitchy ? ' Yeahh hardd. So I answered 'Its hard to say, its just that when a girl talks bad about other girls behind their backs but is super friendly with guys. And by friendly, I mean flirty' And Aqilah was like, 'mygoshh, thats exactly what I thought. I have alot friends like that and I know what you mean, Ayeen'. Yes we clicked. I like Aqilah (: Mommy then called and asked us to bring Ipan back home since it was almost 12am and Ipan has school tomorrow morning. So after kissing them goodbyes, we headed home.
Im going to IM with my lovely boyfriend now. Night people (:

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