January 4, 2009

Unbelievable ,

Zahir woke me up at 6am yesterday. And I had the hardest time opening my eyes. But I managed and showered. Was ready to go to my driving thingy. Went to the convenient shop downstairs with Mom and bought 2 cream breads for breakfast. Fetched Zhr and Vino up and went to SS19. I was on time for the first time ! Haha. After settling some stuffs with Roger, the driving instructor, he drove us to Damansara to get our amali thing done. Shalmaa Aina was with us too. So we went through of 3 hours talk about the driving which was super boring. Zhr and Ainaa fell asleep. So it was only Vino and me. But I'll admit that eventhough I didnt sleep the whole time but I had a hard time forcing my eyes to stay wide. After the 3hours talk, we went out to the car and was taught about the car parts, the engine and stuffs. We were all so eager to finish the session so we could go stuff our stomach with goodies. When it FINALLY ended, we rushed our way to the pathetic warung which was so freaking dirty. I swore not to eat anything there but, I had to take my words back because I was starved to death, I swear. At first I refused to eat and wanted to get something later at Pyramid as Zhr and I planned to go there after. But then, we waited for Roger to fetch us and Vino took the time to eat. He ordered fried maggi and when his plate was placed in front of him on the table, I couldnt help myself. I asked him for one mouthful and ohmy. I dont know whether I was REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLYYYY hungry or that maggi was sooo deli-freaking-licious ! So I asked Zhr to order one for us. We shared a plate of the same maggi Vino had. Aina ordered one plate too. After Vino finished his first plate, he ordered another one. And I ate another plate with Zhr too ! I told you, I was famished ! Haha.

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