January 2, 2009

Massive !

If you don't already know, that's my cat, Ginger. We've had him since he was little and we love him so much. He's practically family :)

Hey all you readers :) I was on the phone with Zhr last night till 5am and so I woke up late today. Like really late. At 12pm, I woke up from my comma of 7hours and checked my clock. And gosh, I've never woke up this late before ! So I rushed into the bathroom to shower. Not like I'm going anywhere or anything, I just dont like waking up late. I ate brunch of a bowl of Curry Maggi.

Yesterday, we went to Parade. Bought some presents for the baby we're visiting after. Bought Big Apple which I dont really like. I prefer J.Co. Better, obviously. I ate McDonald's Sundae Chocolate. But I shared with my family, so I wasnt really worried about getting fat. We went to Bangi after that, and yes, Im sure its Bangi. We were there until 9pm. I was so bored there and thanked myself for remembering to brought along my book to read. I made a mental note to myslef to bring along my book everywhere I go now. So after that, we went back. Nothing much happened.

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