April 12, 2009

London Calling ,

I hadn't blog in a while. Though I've online several times but I didn't come up to blog just because I dont have the mood to do so. The only mood I am in is shopping ! So well, the first place I set foot on was Amsterdam. Amsterdam was okay. Like our previous trip, we went shopping and took photos in front of really old and porno like statues. Haha. After Amsterdam, we stayed in Copenhagen, Denmark for four days. Denmark was great but the prices there were ridiculous ! Seriously, Mng, Zara and Topshop. The prices are a lot more expensive than in Malaysia. So might as well buy it in Malaysia as the clothes are all the same. And so I went searching for brands I couldn't find in Malaysia. There were New Yorker which was pretty awesome. Nice stuffs with good prices. And there was also this store called Ginatricot. I loveeee the clothes there. I felt like buying every single thing ! After Copenhagen, we went to Stockholm, in Sweden. It was the best sight-seeing ever. I mean, I prefer shopping than seeing an old building. But in Stockholm, even I was amused by the buildings and the histories behind every each if the ancient buildings and statues. After spending 2days in Stockholm, we went to Ludvika which is also in Sweden. The most boring place in the whole journey. Yes, I did find a pair of shoes and maybe I did find Mando Diao's tees, but hey, the place was lame. Dull, I must say. I felt sorry for the people who live there. Despite the dull-ness in Ludvika, we went to Malmore, the other part of Sweden and it was nice. The streets were full of stores. But unfortunately, there were like, gazillion people wandering around, so I didnt have the chance to like, REALLY shop. Sigh. After Sweden, we went to Vienna, Austria. Vienna has the best shopping streets ever, I promise. Oh and we found a group of students holding big cardboards with FREE HUGS on it. And so not wanting to miss the chance, Abang, Nina and I went to hug them. They were so cute saying that the free hugs they were giving was to show love for the world. Haha, so cute really :] When we arrived in Italy, I couldnt blink my eyes. Everywhere I walked, there were guys. Hot guys walking around. And they're also friendly. I received several flying kisses and waves from some of them. There are also some guys who came up to me and simply said 'Ciao, bella' which means hey, beautiful. I officially like Italians! :p

And so here I am, in London. Just got back from dinner at a Malay restaurant and got lost. So instead of the supposed to be 2 hours or could be less trip, it became 5hours. I was getting so not in the mood when we got lost because I was sick, with fever and sore throat and it was raining. And second, because I asked Zhr to wait for me to come back online but of course, Malaysia's time isnt the same, and I was really sure he will fall asleep. Yeah he didnt wait for me but I cant blame him. It was really my fault to kept him waiting for five freaking hours. Im sorrrrryyyyyyyyy baby :[ Im now sleepy and so Im gonna hit the sacks. I will definitely tell you about the rest of my trip when I have the time and mood to do so.

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