March 3, 2009

You know better ,

Woke up at 8.45 am by the knock on my room's door. I reluctantly opened up the door to see daddy, all dressed up in his working attire of shirt and slacks. He wanted to kiss me goodbye, so after kissing him, I went straight to my bed and as I was about to fall asleep, I was having panic attack when I realise that its almost 9am and Im still in bed. I woke up and rushed here and there to get ready for work. After a couple of minutes, I relaxed a little, and secretly cursed myself for being so stupid. Its Tuesday, my off day. I fell back asleep seeing how tired I was from yesterday. I woke up at 9 something and washed my blue sneakers and black flats. After placing them under the hot sun at the balcony, vacuumed my room, took out the garbage. After sweating, I showered and had breakfast in my towel wrapped around me. Believe it or not, instead of my usual couple of toast, I ate four instead. Two with peanut butter and two with eggs. Gosh.

So anyway, my driving instructor, Desmond decided to move up my class from 1230 to 1130. I was rushing because he told me at the very last minute. I settled on my black sweatpants, my green MNG basics, a sweater and my checkered flats. I wore my hair up tight up in a messy bun and I clipped my bangs back. When Desmond called and said he's already downstairs, I realised that there was no keys in the house, how am I gonna go out ? I tried finding the keys everywhere in the house, despite Desmond waiting downstairs. But yes, at times like this, of course I didnt found the keys. And of course, at times like this I have no credits to call my parents. Cool huh ? NOT. I started to feel grumpy. Fortunately, Nina have credits, and tried calling mommy. Mommy picked up and Nina being her slow self, talked to mommy so slow and not to mention, annoying when Im in a rush. So I took the phone off her hand and talked to mommy myself instead. Yes, turned out my house key was with mommy and so did her keys. So I have no keys to get the hell out. I begged mommy to call Desmond for me and asked him to wait as I didnt have the key. So mommy called him and rushed back. After waiting for 15minutes, mommy arrived with the keys and apologised. I didnt mind, its just that I was scared what will Desmond say ? Luckily he was so cool about it and told me that Im his third student who didnt have the keys to get out of the house. Lol. I thought we're gonna be okay but turned out that I was absolutely wrong. Everything went wrong with my driving. I dont know what happened to me but clearly I wasnt in the mood for driving because I really sucked just now. I felt like crying when Desmond shouted at me. He never shouts at me. Sighh. So I have to book another class because I screwed up today. I came back home, finding mommy and Ipan havent arrived. Seeing how much amout of sweat I produced whille I was driving because of the freaking hot weather, I got rid of my clothes and changed into my super short shorts and spaghetti strap. Wow, I cant even say how comfortable I felt at that moment. Lol. I ate the snickers I bought earlier while reading my book. Zhr came later on. We ate at the bistro downstairs. I ordered a tuna sandwich platter with fries and honey dew with milk. Yummy :) After eating the sandwiches I shared with Zhr, we decided that we were still hungry. So Zhr ordered a fried rice which I ate with him too. Then Ipan came and ordered a fried maggi. After waiting for Ipan to finished up his maggi, we went down to the convinient shop to get some ice creams.

Im hungry. Gonna grab couple of toast, watch OC-AGAIN and go to bed when Im knackered. Cheers !


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