March 3, 2009

Unlucky perhaps ?

Do you know how it feels like when you're barely half an hour late for work but when you're late, the person in charge or the floor executive to be exact, comes to the store out of nowhere just to check ? Yeap that was how I felt this morning. Yes I've been late to work a few times but not as late as today. I figured that its no biggie that Im late today, not everyday. So I took my own sweet time, asked daddy to stop for breakfast and stuffs. At 9.45am, Apeng called. I picked up the phone calmly, knowing there's nothing to be scared of. But when Apeng's voice sounded so urgent saying or ordering, you can say, me to be faster, I knew something is happening. And yes, Eileen, the floor Exec chose this day, the day I thought its okay to be late, to come and check the store. Wow, nice timing. I cursed silently but then I rushed and yes, she scolded me when I arrived. I know that is was really my fault for coming late, so I said sorry and I lied that I took the bus so I had to wait for the bus and stuffs when really, actually I was enjoying my breakfast. But she doesnt have to know that, does she ? Lol. So anyway, I sweat like a pig the first couple hours. I did the house keeping for the whole store alone. Swept the floor, cleaned the massive and tall glass windows and mirrors, scan the price tag for every single merchandise, cleaned the store room, took out the rubbish. I dont mind doing all the works, really because its fun instead of doing nothing like we always do. But Eileen followed me and kept lecturing me when I was doing those works. I couldnt stand her but I didnt say that to her face, obvie, though I really wanted to. But I didnt have the guts to. So anyway I had full shift and I couldn't be more tired that I am right now.

I cant wait for my salary to be banked in. I've listed what I want to buy with that money. Lol ;p

I think its my queue to go now when my eyes are half closed. So gonna hit the sacks now. Night

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