May 1, 2009

Taking a Big Step in Life,

Woke up at 10 and showered. Cooked pancakes for the family.

Something happened. I applied for Universities last month. The result came out at 12pm today. We were all so eager to see if I'll get in any Uni, that we were in front of Daddy's Mac since 11 something. When the clock stroked 12, the results were there. Mommy shouted when she read the result on the screen. I was oblivious and was so nervous that I didn't get in any Uni. But the butterflies in my stomach didn't stay long because Mommy ran to me and hug me with tears in her eyes. Adik, UM ! Adik dapat UM !, she shouted, jumping up and down. I was stiff then, speechless. I couldn't believe my ears. Daddy came out of his room and snapped me back to reality and hugged me. He said he was so happy that I get in UM. University of Malaya is very hard to get in. I was surprised, of course. But I was relieved that I already know where to pursue my studies. Alhamdulillah, I'll be taking an Architecture course there for my Foundation. The subjects are so hard. Chemistry 1, 2, 3 and 4. Calculus. Oh will I pull it off ? I hope so. But now Im just thankful I got in UM, Alhamdullilah :] The only thing I dont like is that I'll have to stay at the hostel in campus which is near Midvalley. Despite that its near a mall, I just dont like staying away from home. I'll be going in July, which is like, two months away. I've discussed with Daddy and he said I can find another job to fill my two months. So, I might be going to Pyramid to hunt for jobs soon.

Family and I went to Secret Recipe later to celebrate. Thank you, Daddy :] After eating, we went straight to Bukit Antarabangsa to Awish's house. I missed Awish so much that it hurts. When we arrived, I ran towards Awish and carried him in my hands. He was happy to see me. I spent most of my time there running here and there playing with him, listening to him talked about his friends and stuffs which was so cute that I felt like biting him. Haha At night, my family and Awish's family went to Cineleisure to watch X-men Origins. Before the movie, we went to eat at The Curve, a Thai restaurant. Awish wore a denim jacket and I felt like kidnapping him home with me. Argghh ! The movie was great, I love it. Daddy said it wasnt that good. He spent half of the movie sleeping, of course he said the movie wasnt that good. Haha. We arrived home late, so I talked to Zhr on the phone until I fell asleep. Great day :] I already miss Awish !

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