April 30, 2009

They were lucky ,

Take me home with youuuuuu !

Yes, Man. United were so lucky this morning. I think Arsenal will get better chance at winning or maybe, a draw, if Arshavin played. Even Fabregas wasnt playing his best. He could have scored if he had put extra effort. But hey, who am I to judge the international player? Haha Despite the fact that he didnt scored this morning, he was hotter than ever. Oh my. I hope they'll play better in Emirates. I went out with Abang at midnight and fetched Johan, Imran and Azfar up in Usj3. We went straight to Bukit Jalil's mamak. We decided to eat before the game because we had plenty of time to waste. We finished eating at 1am. Spent the next hour just talked and joked around. Zhr called Abang's phone and I knew he was coming to join us :)

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