July 31, 2009

Dancing in the moonlight,

Arrived in UM at around 1600 yesterday. After cleaning up the room while waiting for Ika to arrive, I managed to read the first question of my Microeconomics tutorial. Yes, you've guess it right, I didnt even do the first question. The second I finished reading the question, I heard sounds outside. Yes, Ika arrived and its so obvious that my works were left on my study table. Typical of me eh ? Haha. We lay down on our beds and talked. And talked. And talked. Until Ika fell asleep. I tried to sleep but couldnt so I got up and started doing my Orthographic work which turned out to be super awesome. Everything was nicely measured. I felt so satisfied of being able to do it without any difficulties like Ika had. When Ika woke up, she was starving like hell and we decided to call McDonald's for dinner. Unfortunately, Bangsar's McDonald's had something going on and couldnt make the delivery. We spent the next hours being stupid, thinking of what to eat since we were too lazy to go down to the cafe to eat. The reason I called ourselves stupid is because the whole time we were famishing for food, we didnt realise that there were alot of instant noodle sitting on our cupboards. Well, everything went well yesterday and I felt so happy, I have no idea why. Mommy called at almost noon today and asked me to get ready as she was coming to fetch me. So Im now in Subang again. There are still so much works to do. But Im sleepy. I think Im gonna take a nap for a little while..

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