August 8, 2009

Spirit up your soul

Went to Rimbun Dahan in Kuang for Graphic Communication today. It was one hell of an experience. Rimbun Dahan is actually an architect, Hijjas Kasturi's house. I slept on the bus and when we arrived, my jaw was hanging open. The land was very big, I tell you ! They have a guest house, a classic garage, the main house, a pool, a dance studio, an underground art gallery, gardens and everything ! I sketched everything that caught my eyes. All and all, I enjoyed it. Very much. After Miss Anum gave us our assignment, we went back at around 4pm. Slept again in the bus. Arrived in UM, got ready and lover arrived to fetch me. Went to Ikea to fill my stomach with a plate poached salmon and daim cake. Went to Taipan later on to buy dinner for lover's family. And he got me a ventti of Choc Cream Chip which I've been craving for for almost a month! Im home for the weekend and good news ! Awish is coming tomorrow. I cant wait. Now Im sleepy and knackered. Okay bye.

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