August 17, 2009

Legally legal

Yes, yesterday was the day I turned legal !

On Friday, I went to Mock Trial and it was freaking great. Mock Trial is like a theatre that UM's law students act. They did a story about a model and it was so funny that I almost pee in my pants from laughing too hard. Most of their jokes are obscene but still, they got me laughing my ass off that night. The parents fetched me up after the Mock Trial and I arrived at home, making a pit stop at bistro as Abang was having a party with his friends down there. I joined and ended up sleeping at almost 7.

The next day was MTV World Stage and let me tell you, it was ridiculously awesome. I swear, I had sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. Raygun was so awesome and, Mr. Ray was bloody hot that I cant take my eyes off him. God, when I saw him on stage, I was like, do people this hot really exist ? And he performed really well, I tell you ! All American Rejects was great too. With Hoobastank and Casabian. Boys like girls some more. They were all so awesome that I think I could die just by watching them on stage. Haha. I got myself Boy Like Girls' guitar pick that they threw. Though I was craving for their drumsticks, but its okay. We should be grateful, right? So yes, I am satisfied (: World Stage ended at 2345, and we hung around for a bit. Arrived home at 12 midnight. After I placed my sneakers, I entered my house, finding it was dark inside. Assuming my family have gone to bed, I went in and that was when I hear Nina playing her keyboard. Birthday song, with everyone singing Happy Birthday to me. And I mean, everyone. The guys.I was smiling ear to ear but when Nina's room door was opened, I saw Zhr holding a cake. I smiled even wider that moment. When I saw Fara, I screamed and ran to hug her. I missed her so much ! I blew the candles on Zhr's hands, and we all ate Dominos for dinner. I was seriously happy. So, thank you. Everybody. For all the presents, the surprise, for making me smile up to my ears, for making my birthday so awesome, for the fun at World Stage and thanks Mommy, for the flour you threw into my ear. Haha. A gazillion thanks to everyone who was there :) I love you guys ! Oh oh, loverboy got me the leopard printed DP purse I wanted for so long. Thanks bibi. I love you very much!

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