August 22, 2009

My brain has stop working

Help me anyone ! Travis, Im having problems with my work. See, Im having a little presentation for my English Muet's class on Monday. That only leaves me just one day to prepare. But the thing is, I cant. I feel like hitting my own head with a big fat hammer for not starting earlier. Now I have no idea and what more when I google-d about COMFORTABLE UNIFORMS, some crappy forums' url popped up. What can I do ? I thought of doing it myself, without searching information over the internet and just start my own essay. But my heart and brain just kept saying no. I wrote about two lines of introduction and was stuck until now. The two lines I came up with werent that good either. Whats happening to me ? Abang said to me earlier that if I dont have the mood to write and essay or do some presentation work, then I wont get any ideas till Im in the mood. The problem is, my presentation is on Monday and I'll be going back to UM tomorrow. Theres no time ! Come on Brain, dont disappoint me. Dont bail on me. You can do this. Help meeeee Mr. Brain.

On the bright side of the story, I went to the Vintage Bazaar at 3K today and Daddy bought me another pair of Crocs. Two pairs of Crocs in a week. Daddy gave me a pair of red checkered one for my birthday last week. And today he bought me another. And its leopard printed :D
I found so many vintage dresses and shoes but Daddy was meeting his friend, so we were kind of rushing. In the rush, I managed to meet my two high school friends, Neys and Dee. Its been awhile. We talked for so long that Daddy was waiting for me in the car out side. Haha. We had so much to talk about, to catch up. When we were talking, a photographer came up to us and asked us to pose and she interviewed Neys about her outfit. Went out and found my family waiting for me and went to see Daddy's acquaintance. Went to Shah Alam later on for Ramadhan Bazaar. It was hectic ! I had to pushed through the throng of people and my head was spinning. People were swarming all over the bazaar. Daddy said he cant stand the thousands of people around, so we ended up buying food at Victory in Taipan. Went back home and it was almost break fast time. Prepared the food on the dining table and before I knew, it was already Maghrib. First fasting day was not so bad (:

So now I have to get back to my work of two lines. I know right, Im so lame. Sigh. Pleasee ideas, come out from that brain up there !
Au Revoir ! Wish me luck, sweeties

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