December 24, 2010

Of black sandals and cars

See the sandals Kim is wearing? I've been searching high and low for that pair of sandals without burning my wallet too much. It's actually Givenchy and obviously, Givenchy is not the greatest store to look for just a pair of sandals. Unless Donald Trump is my dad, then that's a different story altogether. I always go for the much cheaper one, the normal brands like Topshop, Zara or MNG. I know sometimes the stuffs in those stores can be over-priced too, that's why I always search for the stuffs that are worth buying, or better yet, always shop during sales. I've stumbled upon a pair of gorgeous brown leather sandals in Topshop and I tried them on like 5 times in Sunway and another 5 times in Pavillion but I didn't buy it. All because Mommy didn't like it. She said it's ugly, so being a good daughter like I always am, I accepted her cruel criticism and continue searching for the perfect pair. I paid Charles&Keith several visits but still, no sandals that came as similar as the Givenchy's.

Then there's this one night, I was updating my Twitter, when my high school friend, Denise updated her Twitter with a photo link attached. I viewed it and it was a photo of her and her boyfriend and the sandals she was wearing caught my eyes straight away! I hesitated to ask but I figured, it's not wrong to ask, right? She was being all nice to me and told me she bought it at Vincci. I also asked her if she mind if I buy the same pair and I literally jumped up and down when she said she didn't. Because some people just don't like others to buy the same stuffs that they bought, like me :p I'm actually okay if that person is the one I'm friends with or some one I know. But it'll become something big and wrong when that person is someone I'm not in a good terms with. It will just make me angry or something. I mean, that's normal, right? Yeah... okay, so after she told me she bought it at Vincci and she said she won't mind if I buy them, I went to Sunway Pyramid's Vincci to check them out.

The ones from Vincci might not be exactly the same as the Givenchy's but it's nice and it's kind of similar (to my eyes at least). I went to see the sandals in Vincci, it looked nicer in real life and they're having Year End Sale right now, which is absolutely a plus because they have 20% on that pair. I quickly tried it on, in black and tan brown. The tan brown didn't look so good against my skin, so I went for the black instead. Asked for my size and of course, like always, they don't have it in my size anymore. Why are most Malaysian women/girls wears size 6 shoes? I asked the promoter to call other outlets in KL to reserve. After calling Midvalley, OU, The Curve and Ikano and they still didn't have them in my size, I'm about to give up and just buy the size 5 and I'll try to manage. Good thing I have my personal shopping assistant that day which is Zahir :) He insisted the promoter to keep calling the other outlets in KL, so I won't buy something which is a size smaller than my actual size. Thank God the promoter said they have it in Pavillion. If it weren't for the public, I'd jump in joy and might even hug the promoter! I told her to reserve it for me and that's the reason why I woke up so early today. Zahir accompanied me to Pavillion to pick that sandal up in the morning as to avoid the traffic. I went back with a big grin on my face. I'm a happy girl! :)

I know it's not the same as Kim's, so you don't have to rub it in my face. But it's so pretty and kind of similar to the one I've been searching for. I'm saving this pair for Bandung this Monday! :)

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