December 22, 2010

Sing our lungs out!

Though Sunway Pyramid is literally like the second home to me, and probably to Dodo too, we decided to spend our whole day there today. Dodo and I were famished and decided to have our late lunch at Ayam Penyet. I used to hate Ayam Penyet but now it's the place I'd go if I ever crave for rice. Maybe because I used to be a pescetarian and there's nothing I can eat there. But now that I no longer ditch meats, I eat Ayam Penyet as much as I eat McDonald's fries. So anyway, we ate and Syida just drank as she claimed she just had lunch at home. We spent hours in the restaurant, talking like old times. Gossips just don't run from girls' mouths I guess. We went for karaoke instead of the movies and it was totally the right choice.

This was my first time to go to Amp Square and it was kind of nice. The interiors and buffet were similar to Red Box. But of course, the rate was a little bit cheaper than Red Box. However the sound system was not as good as Red Box's but it's acceptable, what with only RM10++ for anyone who has a student ID including 2 drinks. Two drinks that you can choose, with a wide range of soft drinks, fruit juices or various flavors of teas. They even gave us from 4pm to 7pm. It was so worth it but I was panting when our time was up. Must be all the high pitch singing and dancing on the sofa. We went for dessert after sweating ourselves in the karaoke room. I wanted Tutti Frutti but they're not a fan, so we went for Baskin Robbins! It was kind of upsetting when they didn't have my favorite, Choc Chip Cookie Dough but I settled with my second favorite, Quarterback Crunch.

See, we were just too happy!

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