December 21, 2010

You are unified

I know it wasn't like me to update posts with a lot of photos. But now that my Internet connection is no longer a pain in the ass(not at night too), I can post whatever I want. Obviously, my connection didn't just miraculously turn to a high speed wireless connection. It connects better now because of this thing called Unifi by TM.
I love whoever invented this brilliant thing. Not only my Internet connection is so speedy now, they also give you a cordless phone where you can call any house in Malaysia without being charged(except the monthly payment) and the best of all, I can watch a gazillion more channels on tv. Not that I'm a fan of tv, but still, I can watch Fashion TV where there will be fashion shows and runways. Despite the channels, you can also watch any movie or tv series doesn't matter English, Malay, Bollywood or Korean. All you have to do is just purchase the movie/tv series via your tv. A movie will costs you maximum of RM9 for 24 hours but tv series will costs you a little bit more since you must purchase one season by one season which will last for 30days until it expires. See, it's so much in one package. Like when you sign up for something and you get all the privileges.

Have I mentioned, I love the founder of Unifi?

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