December 20, 2010


There are certain events that I didn't update on due to the lack of me logging in my blog. So I'm going to make up for it right now since I have nothing better to do.

Okay, first was the Max Pellicano as Elvis Presley charity dinner that happened in Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa. I wore the black lace dress my parents bought for me in Singapore. Despite the fact that they gave it almost a year ago, I've never worn it anywhere. Every time I had an occasion and planning to wear it, I always ended up buying another dress. So this time, I held myself back from buying other dresses though I was this close to buying one while I was accompanying my little sister to choose a dress for her. I did get myself a fake snake skin clutch from Mango Outlet though :) That night went great though I'm pretty sure my little sister, Nina, had the best time of her life as Elvis/Max came down to our table and went straight to Nina and held her hand while singing directly to her. He even kissed her cheeks and slipped a yellow satin scarf signed by Elvis/Max himself around Nina's neck. He might be old enough to be my dad, but he's just too dreamy. Since Dad bought one whole table, we decided to invite Zahir, Mom's aunt, her husband, her daughter and her son-in-law to complete the table.

Second was last Sunday. Remember I said that Zahir's Dad treated my little brother, Ipan and I to Sunway Lagoon? I was kind of excited because I've never went on any rides with the boyfriend. Yes, believe me, we've never been on any rides together. So, it was kind of an awesome experience to me. And probably to him too.

The rides were fun but the boys went to the wet park without me. Sadly I was having the time of the month, so I didn't get to throw myself in the water despite how bad I wanted to. Instead of braving myself to wear a tampon, I sat with Zahir's Mom and we talked. A really deep conversation that I've never had with anyone before. I was kind of nervous at first when his Mom started asking me questions but I got use to it somehow.

And guess what? We all chickened out when we saw the Pirate Ship swung 360 degrees. Okay, mostly I chickened out but they did too. So we just sat in the middle of the way and stared at those brave people who got onto the ride. We went to dinner at Chicken Rice Shop after that and Tutti Frutti for dessert!

Last Thursday Zahir, Ipan, Nina and I went out for karaoke at Red Box in Sunway. I was craving for karaoke, I don't know why. Went for Tutti Frutti after that and sadly my favorite Blueberry was replaced by Peach. That certainly didn't stop me from buying though as they still have Strawberry Banana which I usually combine with Blueberry. We went back after that because I felt bad for leaving Mom alone at home for long.

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