December 20, 2010

One night trip to Kuantan

Last Tuesday, my family and I went all the way to Kuantan for my little brother's interview with MRSM boarding school. Dad insisted on going with Mom and little brother, without Nina and I tagging along but we figured it would be boring to stay home without doing anything. So being stubborn as we are, we tagged along. Little did we know the whole trip would be so tiring. All we did was spent time in the car, tossed and turned, trying to find a good position to sleep without taking each other's spaces and we didn't know sitting in the car for hours can absorb so much energy.

I couldn't even find one decent photo of me in Kuantan in the camera because in all the photos, I looked either sleepy or exhausted. In which case, this photo falls under the latter. We had dinner at some seafood restaurant which tasted just okay. And we went to the beach to take photos but like I said, all the photos ended up the same. It rained after taking a few hideous photos, so we had to run to the car with muds all over my sandals. Not good.

We had breakfast at the hotel we stayed in the next morning. I had pancakes which tasted so good! Then off to another hour of uncomfortable-ness in the car as the boarding school is located somewhere in Pekan. We had to wait for my little brother in the hall and finally, achieved some pretty nice pictures. But of course, nice photos don't include my face in it.

I asked/forced Nina to take photos of my 'kind of' essentials : My watch, my fox ring and my brown Alexa. These become my favorites ever since I bought them :) Okay, I plead guilty for not listening to the talk that was happening at that time and took photos instead. The talk was boring and not like it had anything to do with me. So cut me some slacks :p

After the talk, we went straight back to Subang, had a quick early dinner at McDonald's and went back home. Everyone was so tired and we all went to bed as early as 8pm. That's how tired we were from spending hours in the car!

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