November 23, 2010

From Beijing, with ♥

Beijing was tiring but the shopping experience was super awesome. I can't even begin to describe how it felt to bargain like a mad woman until they call you crazy for bargaining at low prices but they will eventually give up and let you have your price even if the original price was 1000 plus Yuan but you bargain for 80 Yuan. Yes, it might sound ridiculous but that's how Beijing handle their businesses. From 1000 to 80, I must admit, it wasn't easy. They will persuade you to increase the price a little but my mom taught me how to be tough during bargaining, so in the end of the trip, I own a mustard colored Marc Jacobs, 2 Mulberry(s), one suede Juicy's tracksuit, a pair of Juicy's flops and a pair of red Ugg's boots. I bought all of that and the 500 Yuan Daddy gave me before the trip still hadn't finished. Believe it or not, I still have extra 150 Yuan. Which means I splurged on all those goodies for just RM175. I certainly can't get all those here in Malaysia for that price, be it original or not. The quality are also as awesome as the price, I think Marc Jacobs himself would cry looking at how neat the workmanships are despite the freaking low prices. The stuffs in China look exactly like the ones they sell in their boutiques. They even give you the authenticity card and the way they wrap the bags and I went all crazy when I see they placed the flip flops in a Juicy Couture's shoe box, just like the ones they give in the real store. I know the feeling won't be the same as the feeling when you get to buy the real thing but to me, it's kind of satisfying enough for now. I can always buy the original when I actually have the money or when I make my own money in the future. For now, this is more than enough as I'm nowhere near a spoil brat that wants everything to be straight from the real boutiques. All I have to say is Beijing is a shopping heaven!

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