November 8, 2010

I got my sight to set on you

On Friday my family and I went to Pavillion. Dad had an appointment with the camera guy. After paying for Nina's Nikon, we went round the mall. The mall was kind of packed with tall and skinny girls as there was a runway happening. Looking at those girls' legs makes me wonder why my life sucks. Har. Of course, I went to Juicy but this time I just looked around as Daddy wasn't in his generous mood to splurge his money on me that day but I'm all good with it. Though I was kind of down but I managed to fade the insecurities away.

I studied a little on Saturday. And when I say a little, trust me. It was A LITTLE. I studied the formulas for Property but I didn't seem to get it. After all, I never get Property. Except the one time when Reena taught me. That night, Fara invited Zahir and I to her house as her Mom was cooking dinner. So we went to have dinner at her new place in Shah Alam and I had the best dessert ever. The Durian cake was so sinful, no kid. We stayed there till midnight then everyone was getting a little sleepy, so we decided to head back.

Anyways, I haven't been studying but all I do is watch OC. And when I'm not sitting in front of my computer watching OC, I will be out with my boyfriend. Tell me when will I get my head straight and read everything I need? Sigh. On a brighter note, I just bought Lauren Conrad's fashion help book, Style just now! Okay, actually, Zahir pitched in some money. I couldn't be happier! I thought MPH doesn't sell it but I walked out of MPH with a wide smile on my face. I thanked Zahir like a gazilion times :) Now I'll just have to wait for my brother to order Influence and Elixir from the States for me. Yeay!

In case you haven't been keeping track, I'm left with 4 days till I fly to Beijing. I can't stop thinking of how fun it will be there. I hope Beijing won't disappoint me. Despite everything, I know I will miss my boyfriend when I'm like, a gazillion miles away from him. It's been a while since I left him for a trip. That was last year and as far as I'm concern, I came back with a bad news that time. I just don't want bad things to happen again this year. Let's just hope he won't do anything stupid this time. After all, I trust him. I guess I have nothing to worry about. Right?

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