March 15, 2011

In-line skating

Can you believe I actually braved myself to wear those ridiculous looking roller skates???

Every time my little brother comes back home from his boarding school, we always bring him to the skate park in Shah Alam so he can let out his skate board-longing (MRSM should really build a skating park in their campus). So last weekend, we all went to the skate park, along with our cousins, aunt and uncle. Usually, we girls will just sit by a corner and watch the guys stroll around the park. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I said yes when Dad offered me his roller skates. Maybe I was starting to miss my pink Barbie roller skates I had when I was little by looking at those who roller skated that night. So I quickly slipped on those heavy pair of shoes with rollers underneath before I change my mind. And who would have thought I could rock them skates??! I started to go round and round the park without anything to hold on to.

But of course, don't you just expect I can do all those stunts and grinds. No. For me, being able to walk in that kind of shoes is good enough :p

After I sweat myself being over excited over the roller skates, we all made a circle by the corner to play a card game. We were laughing so hard till I realised something. Everyone (except us, duh) were crowding the ramp. Being so curious, Mom and I went over and took a peek inside the huge hole. I regretted looking right away because there was a guy, lying down in his own pool of blood..

I swear I wanted to cry, not because I feel so freaked out by all the blood, but because I felt sorry for the guy. He fell from his BMX and I don't know, maybe he crashed his head or something. I couldn't wait and just see him lie there. We couldn't help much either because we couldn't move him or anything since his head probably was cracked and it might just get worse if we move him or anything. But I was relieved to know that the Ambulance was coming.

Looking at that incident, made me realise everything can happen to ourselves. Any time and anywhere, it's just the matter of time. God has everything planned out for us. We just don't know what awaits us in the future. So, don't take our lives for granted.


♥Syamelia♥ said...

i really hope the guy is doing fine...

meaning that we have to be extra careful with what we are doing..
never know what's in store for us...

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yes, I couldn't agree more with you. Really, it was very scary how something that serious can happen just in a blink of an eye..