March 12, 2011

Natural Disasters

If you don't know about the Earthquake and Tsunami hitting Japan last night, you must be living in a cave. But I'm pretty sure everyone knows about it since it has become the number 1 topic on Twitter and of course, everyone is on Twitter these days. That was how I found out about it actually.

My parents, sister and I were on our way to Kuantan, Pahang to fetch my little brother from his boarding school as the school holidays is starting. I was in the car, checking my timeline and I saw everyone freaking out! I automatically freaked out without knowing what actually happened. So I read through all the tweets and found out that something happened to Japan. Even Disneyland got hit!! :( I also saw warnings for Malaysians to stay safe and far from beaches. Though they mainly warned the ones in Sabah and Sarawak, I couldn't help but panicked since Malaysia means here. Right here where I'm at, where my families are and where my friends are. To make things worse, I was on my way to Kuantan, where the beach is!! I was freaking out in the car, I swear my sister and I almost cry. We were scared the whole way but I was glad that we were on our way to fetch my brother. I mean, imagine if it isn't school holidays and he's far away from us. I'd rather face anything with my family than being safe without them. While freaking ourselves out, someone had to post something about the sun hadn't come out since morning and it's a Friday. All Muslims know that the end of the world (Kiamat) happens on a Friday. I read the tweet out loud so my family knows about it. As much as I was worried about Japan, I couldn't help being a little selfish and think about Malaysia.

On the way, I tried to keep my mind positive but with the weather, rain pouring since dawn and the news I heard on the radio to keep updated about the disaster in Japan, I was literally shaking. To add salt to the wound, we passed a lot of accidents along the way. Cars turned 360 degrees, people lying on the road.. How was I suppose to be calm??? I could feel the tears coming out and I wonder, 'what's happening to the world?'. I didn't want to keep thinking too much, so I tried sleeping. Though I kept waking up every few minutes, I forced myself to shut my eyes. Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely and Zahir kept WhatsApp-ing me to come back as fast as I can and he advised us to not stay the night there since the beach is so near. But we had to consider my Dad too. He had been driving for 3 hours straight in the rain, the least we could do is to let him sleep in a proper bed before we go back.

We had dinner there in Kuantan and Dad decided to stay the night. Unfortunately, every decent hotel was fully booked and we were searching for a hotel until midnight. Dad decided to just go back since there wasn't any rooms available. I was worried of course. Dad was tired, I could tell from his eyes and it was past midnight! I kept asking him if he was tired but he insisted he was okay. We arrived safe and sound in Subang. As soon as we reached home, we tuned in CNN and watched the disaster. It was really scary.

It really hit me that we human tend to take this earth for granted. We should really appreciate and start taking care of this earth as much as we can. I hope it's not too late..
So here's my condolences to those who have lost families and friends in Japan. My hearts goes to every single one of you. Stay strong.

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