March 16, 2011


It's been awhile since we last went out like this. Since my brothers (both elder and younger) went to other places for studies, our family has become pretty quiet. With Abang thousands of miles away in the US, we couldn't really see him that much. Our only saviour is of course, Skype. Skype is everyone's saviour, right?? My little brother on the other hand, can't Skype with us. So it's either through texts or calls.

School holidays are here for 9 good days (can you believe it?!) and so little brother came home last weekend. We had a lot of plans when he's back since he pretty much lives like a prisoner in his school. But I was the only one who thinks that way, even little brother himself said it's not too bad.

No McDonald's?? No shopping malls?? No cinemas??

I'd die before orientation starts.

But little brother is a tough boy even though he's the youngest in the family. He has been there since January and now it's middle of March. He seems to enjoy his time there though he came back with a few shades darker than he was before. So today, we all went out to entertain him with cinemas, popcorns and buy him books and a few other things that he won't get in Pekan, Pahang where his school is.

I drove them to Cineleisure after my class today. I was so excited because we were going to watch Beastly. Some of you might know how much I love Mary-Kate Olsen. Though her scenes weren't much but I didn't mind. As long as she's in it because I've always preferred her than her twin sister since I was little. We had a good laugh in the car, feels like old time. But this kind of moment reminds me so much of Abang..

We're meeting Dad there as Dad had something to settle in the office. We arrived first and went straight to collect the tickets that I booked. Our seats were released because we were late(like always), so we had to split up in the movie. We didn't mind though because Mom and Dad took the seats behind us :)

Before going in for the movie, Dad and little brother were complaining how hungry they were. So we went to the nearest restaurant possible to the cinema so we won't be rushing when it's time. We settled in an Indonesian Restaurant. At first I doubted the restaurant. Forgive me by judging the book by it's cover, I just couldn't help it. Hehe. But as I ate some of Dad's Mee Jawa, I regretted judging. Their Mee Jawa is so nice!! I looked through the menu and they have Pecel Lele and Es Teller too! If you've been to Indonesia, you'll know what I'm talking about :)

We had to eat in a rush since we were going to be late for the movie. And we sure appreciate the never ending ads before the movie starts at times like this. But we curse the ads when we're the first to arrive in the cinema hall. Always.

A lot of people said Mary-Kate looks ugly in Beastly and I never let those remarks get to me because I know in whatever condition Mary-Kate is, she is always pretty. And yes, I know she looks kind of scary looking as a witch in Beastly but she was not ugly! In fact, she looks stunning to me.

After the movie, we went to Ikea for dinner. I had their meatballs, of course! We were all so hungry and threw our heads in the meals straight away.

Actually only little brother and I jumped into our foods. The rest just looked at us with such amazement and jaw dropping to the floor because we ate like it's no body's business.

It was such a great day with the family because we barely can go out like this on normal days. It usually just us girls and Dad since both brothers are away from home. Next mission, a day out with the whole family, with Abang too. I don't know how we're going to bring Abang along but I'll come up with something..

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