March 22, 2011

Birthday Album

Last month, February 23rd to be precise, one of my high school closest friend, Lola turned 20. I know this is so late, but forgive me. I'm so busy lately.

Lola and I had been friends since.. God knows how long. Despite us being super close for long, we have never argued. Not even once. Now that is what that makes Lola special. She's not the typical high school girl you always see. She's so matured even when she's only 15. I guess that's why teachers always rely on her and made her class monitor every year. Because she's so responsible and can handle everything. Her report card is also one of the many reasons why the whole school knows her. She has the brain AND the right attitude. Who wouldn't love her??

Among all of us, she's the first to go to London to do her ACCA. Obviously! So this year is the first year she's not here with us to celebrate. We all miss her bossiness, the way she takes care of all of us in the class. She's just a great friend that everyone can never have the courage to hate her even if they tried. She has such bubbly personality that we all love so much! Seeing how we all miss her too much but can't really take a plane and fly to London spontaneously, we decided to prepare a little something for her, on her birthday. That was when my creativity bloomed out :p I came up with an idea of making a photo album for her. I love doing all these photo albums/journals/hand made cards kind of things, so I volunteered to get the photo album done by myself. With helping hands of the others here and there too, of course! I managed to get the photo album done just in time, but now, delivery!

We had the most complicated situation when it comes to the delivery. I was so busy with assignments, presentations and whatnot that particular week, so I ended up delivering it later than we planned, which was on her birthday. Not just that, but okay, don't laugh.. but that was my first time queuing up at the shipping lane. *hides face* Although my blogshop offers shipping(Malaysia only), customers never ask for shipping. They always prefer to meet up. So yeah, you have no idea how clueless I was in the post office but thank God Zahir was with me, so he was the one who handled everything for me. I just provided him with the address and the other details that we had to fill in the paper. All I did during the shipping process was wrap the album in a brown paper because the post office won't accept the pretty wrapper I wrapped the album with.

Then, last weekend, Lola received the package and I was so excited because she loved it but mainly because my first attempt on delivery succeeded (okay fine, it was Zahir's attempt but whatever).

But in all seriousness, I'm glad the package was delivered without any complications(pheww!) and she liked it so much that she posted photos of the album in her Facebook and tagged all of us :) Okay now that she had received it, let's see if she will board on a plane to Malaysia somewhere this week just because she misses us too much by looking at the album.

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