March 23, 2011

Little Hellion

Ika, Noor and I made a pre-loved blogshop when we were in our Foundation year, which was nearly 2 years ago. But because we were too young and too busy with our assignments (actually we were lazy too update the blogshop), that blog has been deleted. We figured that we didn't have the time to organise things and take photos to put up on the blog.

But a month ago, I don't know why, I don't know how but my feeling to get back into business just came. Maybe because I need cash really bad at that time. Or maybe because I just love selling my things (with good condition, of course), so I can buy new ones? I'm sure it's more to the latter. So there I was, creating a new email, a new Facebook and a new blog to start back my small business. And it's called Little Hellion.

The thing about me is, I'm not really good at promoting things. But now, a month had passed and Alhamdulillah, I've had customers and I really appreciate my customers. They are such sweethearts! So thank you to all who support Little Hellion and I :)

Although everything is pre-loved, but most of the items have no defects and almost everything is from well-known brand. A Topshop t-shirt for RM15? MNG for RM7? Zara for RM20?? Where can you get that kind of prices??? Well, Little Hellion of course! Okay I know I sound so much like the annoying ads on tv but I can't help it :p

From dresses, to tunics, to tops to skirts.

I know it's not big and professional enough but hey, baby steps, you guys!

Add us on Facebook : Little Hellion
Blogspot : Little Hellion

Thanks again to the girls that gave me their supports from the first I started Little Hellion. Now LH is one month down the road, and insyaAllah, with God's will, we'll be better :)


♥Syamelia♥ said...

all the best in yr lil biz ayeen :)
passion n patient is all it takes...

Ayeen Kadir said...

Aww thanks for your support kak Amy! :)