March 25, 2011

How to make money

Who doesn't love money? Everyone does. Everyone needs money to survive. When someone says, money isn't everything, they are lying. What are you going to wear if you don't have money? What are you going to use to shelter your family without money? Yes, money isn't everything but can you actually own the essentials and needs in life if you don't have money? Doesn't matter if you own a lot of money or a little, you still need money, regardless of the amount. I once read somewhere, that if someone says money can't buy you happiness, then they sure don't know where to shop, or something like that. And I couldn't agree more! Being me, an 'almost-shopaholic' (Almost because I sometimes know when to save my money. SOMETIMES), of course I love money and money can definitely make me happy by buying whatever I want but whenever I spend my money too much, I started to regret. Now, this is not a healthy way of life, I must say. But I couldn't help it!

This semester, it's compulsory for my whole class to take an Entrepreneur subject where we learn how to make business. On Tuesday, there was a talk on 'How To Make Money', as a part of the subject. As lazy as I was, because trust me, as much as I love money and shopping, I'm not really interested on how to make them. My way of making money is to save my allowance and when it's enough, I'll go shopping. Whenever I need extra money to buy something more expensive than my allowance, I will save up and not eat outside for the rest of the week. Simple as that. So I was dreading to go to the 4 hours of talk. But turned out, I enjoyed the whole talk! I'm always sleepy when I go to talks but this time, I'm wide awake!

Y. Bhg. Senator Dato' Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, the owner of a well-known real estate consultancy company, Rahim & Co. and Y. Bhg. Dato' Ghazali B. Dato' Yusoff, a graduate from UM himself were there to deliver the talk. Dato' Rahim's first sentence was, " if you want to make money, then Estate Management is the way". Of course, being one of Estate Management student among all other courses in the hall made me proud. Dato' Rahim also said that most of the millionaires in the world came from Real Estate background. By the time he said that, I was imagining myself being a millionaire 6 years from now, shopping the whole Pavillion. A girl can dream right?? :p

But what attracted me the most on that day was Dato' Ghazali's charming personality. He started as a musician playing in small bars and now who would've thought, he is the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Nusantara Technology Sdn Bhd. His talk definitely opened my eyes to the outside world and how we have to think and work hard for money.

Oh and Noor was there at the talk because she's taking the subject too. So after the talk, we couldn't help but to take pictures together as it's been so long since we last see each other.

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