March 27, 2011

UM's 11th College Dinner

Everyone knows I'm not staying at my hostel in UM since I have Summer (my car) and UM is only 15 minutes drive (without traffic) from home. But as I still have a room there in 11th College which I've never stepped in after orientation week, I still have to pay for the fees and such. The fees includes a dinner since this semester is coming to an end. I dreaded to go because well, I don't have any friends there in 11th college as I don't spend my time there. Okay, maybe a few friends but we barely see each other. So I decided not to go. I'd rather burn RM130 than going alone looking all pathetic by myself.

And then Siti texted me one day, asking if I have any table for that dinner. Of course! I forgot I have my lovely friends there, it's just that we haven't met in a while so I forgot that they are in the same residential college as me! After thinking it over, I decided to go. And last night was the night! Frankly, I wasn't excited for this dinner because there was nothing to look forward to. Except the fact that I can doll myself up for a night, and of course, I get to see and spend time with my friends.

Everything was pretty much haywire yesterday because my condominium's organisers decided to organise a family day on the same day as my dinner. So in the morning, I had to go down to the lobby to help Mom with the registration, the games and all. I lost track of time and it was almost 5 when I was taking care of the kids that took part for a colouring contest. My salon appointment was at 5!! So I ran up and showered before going to the salon. I had to put on my make up as fast as I can after that.

I arrived at a hotel in Mines, Palace of the Golden Horses, greeted by Siti and Nikki. We had to sit at a table with 4 strangers. They're guys, I might add. At first, I was all, 'nooo, we won't be able to laugh out loud and be ourselves and we have to be all proper mannered' as they're our seniors. And boy, was I wrong. Looking at them, I thought they'd be boring but lesson learnt (yet again), don't judge the book by it's cover! They really were funny and made us all laugh that night. After the event wrapped up, we just roamed around the ballroom to find people we know just so we could take pictures together.

I seriously had fun though this dinner wasn't really something I was looking forward to go. But thanks to everyone at my table, especially Nikki and Siti, last night was great :)

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