April 2, 2011


APK as in Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan (Basic of Entrepreneurship Culture). APK is one of the university courses that is compulsory for students to take. So on Wednesday and Thursday, my whole class had to open up a stall and experienced being entrepreneurs for real. Our task was to sell any kinds of food. So my team came up with rojak buah, Bakso(Indonesian food), Herbal eggs and drinks.

I know our rojak looks all messy and gross, but it tasted so nice, I swear!

Noor opened a stall too and she sold vintage clothes. I even got myself two tops, only for RM20 for both!!

Miejah's stall was next to ours which made the whole thing even better to have close friends just a few steps away!

Though we looked like a pair of 'mak ciks' throughout the two days but we had fun regardless :)

Zahir and my sister came to support too!

Despite everything, we do love University Malaya (UM) :)

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