April 2, 2011

FashionValet & Minz Fashion Show/Tea Party

Forgive me but I don't know why it took me so long to post about this event. Believe it or not, I won an invite(with plus one) to this private event when I purchased a necklace from FashionValet(FV) and only God knows how loud I screamed in the car when I saw an extra envelope in my parcel! Okay, actually Zahir knows too because he was in the car with me.

The fashion show/tea party was a private party held at T Forty Two in Bangsar Village 2 at 3pm on March 29th 2011, which was on Tuesday. Thank God our class ends at 11am on Tuesdays. So we went to lunch at Midvalley and had to rush back to college to get ready. We were lucky that Bangsar is so near to UM! Pheww!

I invited Reena to come with me since she was the one who introduced me to the founder of FV's (Vivy Yusof) blog. I wouldn't even know about FV if it weren't for Reena. We were so nervous for the event because well.. because we're regular people, not a magazine's editor or a famous blogger or a founder of an online boutique. I swear, by the time we took a seat, my palms were all sweaty and I could hear my heart beating, literally. It was my first time going to a fashion show, so forgive me for being so nervous! All I could think was did I dress okay? Do I look okay? Why didn't I choose to wear something more attractive? Is my hair behaving? Why didn't I put on extra compact powder? And can everyone hear my heart beating so fast and loud??

Reena and I both felt so out of place, surrounded by all these professionals and pretty people! But after a while being uncomfortable, two women approached our table and sat with us and everything went great after that. We relaxed a little and just enjoyed the food they served.

I love their macaroons!! The best I've tried so far!

The models walked out right after the founders of FashionValet.net and Minz sisters gave their speeches. Minz collections were so pretty, I almost snatched a necklace from a model's neck! Okay, I'm kidding. But it'll be nice too if...

By the time the models walked out one by one, Reena and I relaxed ourselves and the next thing we know, we were taking photos with the people there. My favourite photo of the day is this:

I know I look weird in this photo, but hello! Vivy was beside me!! Sorry, I know I'm acting stupid but I just adore Vivy so much!

We went around to take photos with other people too after that :)

Asma' from FashionValet

With the gorgeous Minz ladies :)

The woman who sat with us, Shera from Harpers Bazaar

We decided to go back when we were satisfied with all the photos we got and we received goodie bags! Oh, I LOVE goodie bags, if you must know :)

Reena and I couldn't stop smiling the whole way back and we even smiled while sleeping that night! We were just so happy that we have witnessed an awesome event and met with the friendliest and greatest people in fashion industry in Malaysia.

And I still can't get over the fact that I met Vivy Yusof! :p

Thanks to FashionValet and Minz for having me at your private event!

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