April 6, 2011


I have a presentation tomorrow and I just finished preparing for it. I chose Ballet for my topic this time. I figured it'll be great and easy since I have all the certificates and trophies for materials to bring, so I can get extra marks. But I was wrong. Of course, how could I forget that Ballet isn't all about dancing. I have to study about the history, the origins and even their costumes evolution from the 1400s! Not that I'm complaining.

I just learnt that Ballet came from Italy, not UK. I thought UK was the one who invented the idea of ballet because my former ballet academy came from the UK. In fact, UK wasn't even the second country to have ballet. It was France and Russia came in at third. UK came only after Russia. How embarrassing. And I thought my academy was the number one in the world!

I'm planning to bring this certificate along (with my name on it, of course) just so the examiner will give me extra marks for bringing extra materials and I'm hoping she/he will believe I'm a professional ballerina(which I am not -__-).

Things and photos like these really make me miss my ballet days... But no procrastinating please! I don't have time for that. Need to rock this final presentation and I'll be done with this course! Wish me luck, you guys!!

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