May 26, 2011

First trip with friends

I've been to Kelantan with my family before but that was a really long time ago, I hardly even remembered. I was so excited because this was my first trip with my friends! I have a few Kelantanese friends, so they were the one who brought Reena and I here and there and gave us an awesome trip. A friend who's from Kuala Terengganu travelled by bus to Kelantan to join us too!

Miejah's parents were nice too to bring us to Wakaf Che Yeh in the middle of the night and bought us Nasi Kerabu for breakfast in the morning. I was shocked when they told me Kelantanese eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's a lot of rice!! It wasn't because I'm worried about gaining weight, it's just that, I couldn't imagine how can people eat that much rice in one day! But one thing for sure, of all the food I tasted there in Kelantan, my favourite is this :

Kelantan's version of Roti Telur. Instead of putting the egg inside, they wrap the roti canai inside the egg. It was delicious! And my favourite drink there is Coconut Shake! It's so nice, why don't they have it here in KL?? :(

We went to Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubur on the second day. The place wasn't really my cup of tea but the companies I had made it a fun experience :) Although I had to walk around with sweat all over me, I didn't care because my friends made me laugh all the time! I swear my cheeks were hurting by the end of the day.

Can't resist McDonald's wherever I go. Hehe

The next day was the highlight of the trip, I must say. I wasn't a fan of the beach because I hated the sun, the heat and the fact that my skin gets burn easily. We went to the beach and I promised to myself that I won't get into the water if I don't want to be darker than I already am. We went there with 2 cars, guys in one and girls in another. The guys leaded the way and when they stopped their car by the beach, I saw this...

How can I resist??? It's so beautiful! I forgot all my promises and went in the water with Reena and the guys after we ate our late lunch. I know I can't trust myself, so I brought extra clothes with me, just in case. The beach was so windy, we had the hardest time to light up the fire to barbecue the chickens we marinated earlier. So I went back with my normal skin tone, not darker because of the good weather.

Everything was amazing. Good food, great places and even better company!

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