May 30, 2011

I love you teachers!

The best phase I had in my life so far is definitely my primary school phase. Primary school was the place where I made my first real best friend who I'm still friends with right now, it was the place where I learnt a lot of things and primary school was the place where I cherish and appreciate teachers the most. Teachers are probably the reason we know how to be polite and who to respect. They taught us how to eat and sit properly, how to talk to the elders, when to offer help to people in need and such. Other than our own parents, we should thank and appreciate the teachers who had taught us everything we need to know. I love my teachers regardless of primary or high school. But because Mom is a teacher in my primary school, I get to see my primary school teachers more even when I already enrolled in University.

The perks of being a teacher's daughter/son is of course, you can tag along whenever they have events. My primary school/Mom's school, SK Seri Selangor, always have events and competitions. My face is no longer a stranger to the canteen people and students since I became the choreographer of the school's dance group last year. Seeing how I'm on my holidays, I tagged Mom along to the school to celebrate Teacher's Day. I love Teacher's Day because I can watch all kinds of silly performances by the teachers. It's a once a year thing, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

The event started with teachers coming into the hall, along with the Kompang boys. All the students were so excited and cheered so loud to see their teachers!

The theme of the event was blue, if you haven't figure it out already.

I almost fell asleep listening to talk after talk after talk from the PIBG and teachers. Before I could doze off, the emcees of the event announced a few awards for the teachers. The awards was based on surveys by the students. There were Funniest Teacher, Friendliest Teacher, Most Popular.. but guess who won the Best Teacher??

Obviously, she's the one who's hugging her hamper -__-

Performances started after that, with the Year 1 singing/dancing If You're Happy And You Know It. It was a simple performance but I couldn't help but smile seeing how cute these little kids were on the stage! There was one little boy that caught my eyes the most, because he sang the loudest and so energetic when he danced. I couldn't resist, so kidnapped him for a little while to take his photo. Hehe.

I swear, kids nowadays are getting cuter and more outspoken because there were a lot of amazing performances from the kids after that. But nothing could beat the teachers' performances. The students roared with excitement when the women teachers danced and the guys teachers came on stage with faux guitars and crazy wigs on their heads. Definitely the highlight of the event.

I feel so grateful that my Mom is still teaching and I can experience all these, celebrating teachers although I'm already doing my Degree in college. And almost all the teachers were the ones who taught me when I was in that school. That made it more meaningful to me.

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