July 10, 2011

The best make up remover there is

I hate make up removers that will leave your face oily and greasy. It annoys me so much that I once used toner to remove my make up because I couldn't find a make up remover that isn't oily. Every time I bought a make up remover, the texture is always like lotion or oil. Even when the bottle says 'oil free', the texture must have a little of greasy touch to it. That was why I gave up and started to use my Benefit toner to remove all the make ups off my face.

And then... I found this :

This has got to be the best make up remover ever! I don't even know the brand of this make up remover but who cares about the brand? The bottle said it's water base, so I tried it and I instantly fell in love! The packaging is simple but it does wonders to my face. Its not oily nor greasy at all, it removes my make up instantly, I don't need to remove the make up harshly like I need to with some other make up remover. Sometimes the make up remover doesn't work very well and I had to press the cotton so hard on my face to remove all the make up, especially when it comes to my eye liner. But with this water base remover, I can just run through the cotton on my eyes like, a couple of times and voila, eye liner is gone.

This isn't a high end make up remover, just a drug store's product but a very good one at that. I bought this at Jusco, but I think you can also find it at Watson or Guardian. I forgot the exact price but it was about RM 30 which is so worth it considering its 300ml and you won't need a whole lot to remove your make up. Just a pump or two each time. I've been using this since end of 2010 and now it's already July 2011 and it still haven't finish. I don't know the brand because the bottle doesn't mention any brands. So if you're thinking to try it, you'll have to remember the bottle to search for it and it also has like, Japanese writings at the back of the bottle. Is it Japanese? Or is it Korean? I don't know, it just has those little writings at the back.

I love this remover so much that I don't think I'll change to another remover forever.

Considering I wear eye liner almost everyday and I've had this bottle for almost a year, it's logic to say that I have only this much left :( I have to get another before the bottle is empty!

Disclaimer : I don't get paid from any companies/organisations for posting this. I bought this product with my willing heart to try it and I love it so much. It's so good that I think others should try it too!

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